Pranav K K

Ernakulam, Kerala

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

To him, photography is a magical phenomenon, where you can freeze time for eternity. It is an illusion where a tiny fraction of time is stretched onto infinity. Cinematography is just photography in 24 frames per second.

Pranav K K is a skilled expert in the fields of photography and filmmaking from Ernakulam, Kerala. His love of photography and cinematography shines through in his accomplishments and contributions. His first-place finish in the National level photography competition at Excel MEC's tech fair in 2016 shows his potential. He is dedicated to creating time-defying art and strives to succeed as a commercial photographer and videographer, infusing each project with his trademark precision and enduring inventiveness.

After pursuing B.Tech in Civil Engineering from Rajagiri School of Engineering and Technology, he then broadened his knowledge in photography by having completed a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography and Cinematography at Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala during the academic year 2021-22, he has sharpened his talents in mastering the technical details and techniques that lead to mesmerising Photography. His proficiency is further exemplified by his Kerala Government Technical Examination (KGTE) certification in photography and an NSQF level 4 Certification as Director of Photography from Media & Entertainment Skills Council under Skill India.

His Photography Portfolios include a commercial portfolio "Elegance" and a creative portfolio "Peace Amidst Chaos" to show his creative skill. He also wrote a brand book about digital marketing called "White Hair Stories." His work on the short films "Upabodham" and "Nirabhedam," both part of the Vimukthi mission in Kerala, exemplifies his cinematographic quality.


cake in cup photography food pranavkk
Cake in Cup : Chocolate cupcake garnished with Choco chips.
chocolate glaze photography food lifestyle pranavkk
Chocolate glaze : The finishing touch for the chocolate truffle.
harmony photography product perfume pranavkk
Harmony : Perfumes brings harmony and balance to the mind.
laddish photography product shoe pranavkk
Laddish All ready for the new adventure.


Elegance by Pranav KK

Elegance is the quality of being graceful. The color that symbolizes elegance perfectly is the color brown. Hence the color theme of this book...


Peace Amidst Chaos by Pranav K.K

In this chaotic world, people strive for something that makes their life more peaceful. For me, the only thing that makes my life peaceful...


White Hair Stories by Pranav K.K

Before we get into the name “White Hair Stories”, let us understand what a story is or why we tell stories. A story is...



Upabodham by Pranav KK

ഒരു ചെറിയ കുട്ടി, അവന്‍റെ മുഖം ആകെ പേടിച് വിരണ്ട് ഇരിക്കുന്നു, കൈ കാലുകള്‍ മരവിച് നിലയില്‍, അനങ്ങാന്‍ പറ്റാത്ത അവസ്ഥ. അവന്‍ അവന്‍റെ ഫുട്ബോള്‍ കയ്യില്‍ ഇറുക്കി പിടിച്ച് നിന്ന് ആ...



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Desserts makes us happy since it help produce chemicals like serotonin that contribute to overallwell-being. The Art of Confectionery Desserts are everyone’s favourite food item. It's...


The main benefit of using perfumes is that floral and fruity scents can reduce stress levels in humans. As everyone knows, perfume is a substance. ...


Jewelleries are usually made using lustrous metals like gold and silver, so they shine when light strikes them. Jewellery is an integral part of human...


Our feet do so much for us; they carry the whole weight of our body throughout the day, and that’s why we should wear...

Distorted Reality

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Fragments of Nature

Abstract photography contradicts our prevalent perception of photography as an objective depiction of reality by reasserting its constructed nature. Nature is full of tiny fragments,...

Manoeuvring Rays

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Imagined World

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Photography is an illusion where a tiny fraction of time is stretched into infinity Chronostasis is the illusion of an extended time. An example...

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A well crafted landscape photograph is more of an interpretation than a portrayal of a region. Vista means a pleasing view. Landscape photography is all...


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