“Experience the Pulse: Join us in the ‘Pulse’ chapter as we delve into the rhythmic delights of various dried fruits.”

The captivating chapter titled “Pulse,”  takes you on a rhythmic journey of an array of dried fruits. Almonds, walnuts, groundnut and  pista and a variety of dry fruits are the subjects of our lens to dive into the exciting subject of rhythm in food photography.

Shadowplay: Intriguing shadow dances gracefully.

By creative arrangement and lighting techniques, the rhythmic essence of each dry fruit is successfully captured. Almonds, with their smooth curves and textured shells, provide a relaxing pulse that tempts us to enjoy their delicate crunch. Due to their delicate skins and juicy interiors, figs’ sweet flavours dance on the tongue in a rhythmic burst. almonds, because of their plump and juicy character, give a strong pulse of delight similar to caramel. And in the assortment of different dry fruits, get an incredible symphony of colours and textures that harmonise in perfect rhythm.

Glimmer: Soanpapdi casts enchanting shadows.

These images encourage us to savour the rhythmic delights of these dry fruits by highlighting their vivid hues, fascinating shapes, and unmistakable attractiveness. By continuing to immerse ourselves in the pulse of their flavour and sensations, each bite becomes a sensory experience.

Radiance: Laddo glows with warmth.

As you delve into this chapter, allow the rhythmic pulse of almonds, walnuts, groundnuts and pista to captivate your senses. Let the imagery transport you to a realm where the harmony of taste and the art of photography converge, igniting  a deep  appreciation  for the captivating rhythm found in nature’s  bounty.

Ravishing: Red halwa ignites senses.

Take a ride on this pulsating journey with us where the pulse of dry fruits produces a symphony of flavours and textures. Embrace the seduction of almonds, figs, dates, and mixed dry fruits, and let their rhythmic essence lead you on a sensory journey through a variety of mouthwatering foods.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Meenakshi Shaji, Ernakulam, Kerala, Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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