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Raasleela Gala


Raasleela Gala 2023, a premier women’s fundraising gala in Cochin, unites remarkable women who are committed to creating a better future. The event goes beyond social boundaries to promote a strong sense of community and solidarity, even beyond its glamorous atmosphere. Raasleela’s transformative impact is evident in Mulavukad, Cochin’s adopted village, where profits have enhanced the quality of life for the underprivileged residents, showcasing the remarkable potential of collective action for positive social change.

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Beyond traditional charity, Raasleela works to improve living conditions, develop skills, and ensure sustainable success for both the current future generations. They have allocated funds through Raasleela to worthwhile projects like mental health patient support, medical camps that provide clean drinking water, educational programs for deserving young girls, and palliative care support. The goal is to bring about Long-lasting, positive change in a variety of spheres of life, not just charitable giving.

Their main goal is constructing of homes for those in need, renovation of dilapidated homes of those who live in dire conditions,
Establishing vocational training units and empowering women through skill development.

Raasleela unites women to raise money, foster support, and support on social responsibility. Raasleela Gala 2023 organized by Rotary Club of Cochin Milan is positioned as a symbol of empowerment by her exceptional combination of glamour and compassion. It indeed highlights the transforming power of extraordinary women coming together for a common cause to uplift communities and create a brighter, more inclusive future.

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