The phenomenon of light reflecting is when it bounces off a surface and travels in the opposite direction.

Creativity has no boundaries in the field of fashion photography. Reflection, which was inspired by water, is a fascinating element that can be included into this genre. Reflective surfaces and objects may give lifestyle fashion photography a sense of mystery, depth, and even supernatural beauty.

Trend : Fashion is a reflection of a time.

The idea of reflection can be used in lifestyle fashion photography to create an interesting interaction between the subject, the background, and their mirrored counterparts. Photographers can produce visually stunning pictures that convey a sense of fluidity and beauty by using water or other reflective surfaces as a backdrop or prop.

Style : Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality.

The reflection enhances the photograph’s narrative by acting as a symbolic representation of the model’s character and sense of style. It can demonstrate the relationship between fashion and nature or the duality of a person’s character. Reflections can also provide a hint of suspense and mystery, generating a seductive attraction that encourages spectators to enter the frame.

Pose : the beauty you see in me, is a reflection of you.

To capture the fundamentals of fashion, lifestyle fashion photography which includes the topic of reflection offers a unique and innovative method. Photographers can produce visually fascinating photographs that go beyond the ordinary by using water or other reflective surfaces.

Presentation : We are all reflection of our lives,

Reflections enhance the images’ depth, beauty, and poetic symbolism, increasing the storytelling element and creating a deep impression on the spectator. In the field of fashion photography, accepting the idea of reflection offers up a world of creative possibilities.

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