Refraction photography is a type of photography that captures the refraction phenomenon, in which light is bent on glass, water, or another surface to distort or magnify a scene. When you employ reflecting surfaces to produce an artistic echo of a scene, you’re doing reflection photography, also known as mirror photography. Oceans, lakes, puddles, and even rain drops can be used in this kind of photography to bring a new twist to areas that are popular with photographers.

Spectre : Everything else is just an illusion

An image can be transformed into a work of art by using water, windows, mirrors, or any other reflective surface. When it comes to photography, the use of reflections may radically transform an image from one that is quite clear to one that is richer, abstract, or otherwise more artistic. When light travelling through the air collides with water, some of it is reflected back to the source. The remaining light travels through the water, but it bends (or refracts) as it enters. When light strikes glass or any other transparent substance, the same thing happens.

Illusion : Figment of the imagination: Figment of the imagination

A simple reflection rule applies to light rays: the angle of the incoming ray equals the angle of the outgoing ray reflecting back. The angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection, to put it another way. A flashlight beam, for example, will reflect at the same angle. It encompasses research into how visible light interacts with the eye to produce vision. Because they reflect and refract light, mirrors and lenses are essential optical tools. Lenses or mirrors in eyeglasses, magnifying glasses, telescopes, and binoculars all control how light enters the eye.

Tiny drop : Like tiny crystal balls

Reflective symmetry, which refers to photography in which one side of the composition is the mirror image of the other, is one of the most prevalent composition strategies for creating symmetrical images.

Stop : Refracting light from whatever is behind it

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