Refraction of lumination


Refraction is the bending of light due to its passage through a medium. Refraction is used in photography to make unusual images.Refraction of illumination is a phenomenon where light bends when passing through a medium such as glass or water. This happens because light travels at different speeds depending on the density of the medium. The result is that objects appear distorted when viewed from certain angles. Refraction of illumination is used in photography.Illumination refraction is among the most commonly observed phenomena, but other waves, including sound waves and water waves, also display refraction.  It is also attribute to light refraction that we are able to focus light on our sensor.

LIKE A RAINBOW :   Colours refrecting through a glass of water

MONOCHROME : Colour scheme cannot create a strange dreamscape that black and white can.

The refraction of light in photography is a great way to create unique images. The technique uses light rays to bend around objects, which creates interesting effects such as double exposure. This effect has been used for centuries, but recently, photographers have started using it to create artistic photos.

COLOURED ZIGZAG : Looks like a candy model

FESTIVE :Sparkling or shining like glitter

We often see things through a prism of water or glass. We don’t pay attention to what changes the beauty of the original. When we see that some things are refracted in photographs, we know that they’re not actually there. The beauty of that topic changes. A reflection of illumination is a painting technique where light is reflected off of a surface to create an image. When people take pictures of things from various angles, they can see them better. Refraction can be seen in our daily lives. It makes things appear closer than they really are.

MARBLED : Everything has a pattern; each you want to do is notice it.

HARMONIOUS : Harmonious colours or parts combine well with each other

Here, I want to experiment with water drops and fill glasses to see how refraction effects photography. Refraction occurs when light passes through glass. Let me share some of my experiences with you by showing you some pictures.


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