Refreshing drinks


The natural liquid of the fruit is pressed out or extracted to produce juice, a beverage. Generally, juice with a very vivid colour contains more antioxidants. Because they contain so many different vitamins and antioxidants, fruit juices are essential dietary supplements. It helps in proper digestion when consumed as an appetiser at breakfast.

Refreshment :  Feel the happiness of refreshment every moment.

Depending on the fruit, fruit juices contain a variety of vitamins, and these vitamins have anti-inflammatory and toxins-fighting properties. It has nutrients that help skin damage heal and rejuvenate cells, giving us the clear, youthful skin we want.

Lemonade : Sometimes the water is not enough to beat the sun

The title “Refreshing drinks” depicts beverage photography in this chapter where a distinct feel is created. Arrangement of the elements here, add additional value to the photographs of the juices.

Freshness: Healthy, fresh juice is always in season.  

Fruit juices actively reduce the sunburn risks. It’s defined here in the images through the use of the main colours that are red and blue. The entire chapter consists of the beverages or juices with a different mood and colour that makes the images feel very unique. Moreover, the colour tone of red and blue applied here brings in the feel that shows the evening relaxation.  

Hydrating: Keep yourself hydrated with tasty and healthy
fruit juice.

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