Coffee and tea offer similar health benefits, including weight loss, anticancer, and energy-boosting properties. Proper consumption of the two can lead to interesting and delicious results. Coffee’s flavor can be anything from a deep, bitter, yet flavorful and aromatic taste to a mild, mellow taste with a creamy undertone. It goes well with just about everything and may be consumed hot or cold.

Cold Brew Coffee : Life is always better with cold brew.

Tea and coffee was traditionally used as energy drinks. People used to drink hot tea to improve their health. People in ancient Asia ate tea leaf for centuries. They would eat the leaves raw, add them to soups, or ferment them and chew on them like betel leaves. According to several studies, drinking tea may reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.

Cold Coffee : Good days start with coffee.

The beverage photography here reminds us of how important is the coffee and tea in our lives. No matter whether its morning or evening, bright days or dark nights, people love to have it. Both coffee and tea are the elements that people have in their good as well as bad times. Photographs of these two important necessities of our lives are the highlights in this chapter.

Lemon Tea : It’s always tea time.

There is a cup of coffee for every type of individual because of the enormous diversity of coffee brews, blends, and flavours. Similarly, there are are several types of tea that not only look different but also differ in taste.

Badam Milk : If almonds become milk you can become anything.

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