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It discovers the realm of fashion photography via the eye of a photographer in the fascinating chapter devoted to Kerala tradition-based clothing for ramp walk. It provides a unique viewpoint, displaying the outstanding facts, cultural significance, and visual beauty of its traditional clothing as they come out on the show floor.

Splendor : Celebrating Kerala’s rich heritage through a captivating ramp walk.

It’s exciting for an observer to capture cultural attire at a fashion show.  These clothing’ bright colors, elaborate designs, and exceptional quality provide countless imaginative opportunities.  Each photograph serves as a canvas to preserve Kerala’s rich culture as artists exhibit the beauty and elegance present in these traditional clothes. In the vision of the photographer, accuracy in every detail is essential.  With the heart of Kerala’s stylish ability to be properly expressed, the crafted textiles’ appearances, the amazing embroideries, and the vibrant colours must be perfectly captured.

Fusion : An outfit designed and presented by knowing how to blend contemporary fashion.

These clothes’ imperial elegance and ageless beauty are highlighted by the interaction of light and shadow, which helps to create stories in the mind of the viewer that generate awe and admiration. By presenting the clothing in a way that both respects their legacy and adds a modern flair, I aim to convey the spirit of Kerala’s traditions and lifestyle behind the lens. Each photograph is a tale just waiting to be known, an artistic representation of Kerala’s rich cultural mix.

Regality : Embracing the royal elegance of Kerala’s traditions.

A fascinating opportunity to capture the cultural spirit and visual splendor of Kerala’s traditional dress exists in the chapter of the book devoted to Kerala tradition-based clothing for ramp walks. The imperial attraction, unique manufacturing, and eternal elegance of these garments are intended to be immortalized by photographers via painstaking attention to detail and artistic composition. Each image serves as a window into Kerala’s rich cultural legacy, encouraging viewers to appreciate the beauty and importance of these traditional costumes from the photographer’s particular viewpoint

Reverie : Man with royal and cultural richness on the runway.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Akshay Sanjeev, Kollam, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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