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This workshop was useful to me because I just used Camera only in automatic mode. Now I can use in manual mode. That is a good improvement

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Professional Diploma in Travel and Photojournalism

Convey Reality with True Story Telling Images

Photographers convey their messages through their images while journalists convey their messages by reporting the facts through their writings.

Photojournalists are those who tell news story through their story telling photographs and effective writings. In this competitive world, one has to be equally skilled with the camera techniques, writing skills, photo designing skills and able to market it for the survival of their profession as photojournalist. This specialized knowledge utilized in a proper angle and right time leads the photojournalist to contribute to the socio-economic, political matters, sudden circumstances, controversial issues, destruction and development of various sectors of the society.

Photojournalism is a field where story telling images play a vital role for those wishing to pursue it as their career. Photojournalism is for sure a noble as well as an adventurous profession. And individuals aspirant and interested in pursuing it as their career must be indeed ready to cope up with the ups and downs, risk and comfort of this field.

What you are going to learn?

Developing the skill of writing along with the capturing of images is the highlighting part in this course. Students are engaged with experimenting both the camera techniques and writing ability. Students here learn various possibilities of reporting the facts and situations in the most effective manner.

Explore your Curriculum

Course for Photojournalism consists of a right combination of theoretical aspects and practical experience throughout the course.The course curriculum of this photojournalism makes one ready to compete and excel in their future career.

One Year Program in Photojournalism

One year professional diploma in Travel and Photojournalism offers you with understaanding on DSLR photography, videography, photo editing, photo designing and video editing. The required skills and knowledge for ones success in this field is developed step by step through assignments and direct approach. This course will give you deep understanding in different specializations in Travel and Photojournalism.

  • Photojournalism
  • Travel Photography
  • Nature Photography
  • Landscape Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Street Photography
  • Documentary Photography
  • Art and culture Photography

The course also considers one's personal choice and gives the opportunity to select their preferences in specialization and prepare the most innovative and unique Portfolio. The Professional Diploma in travel and photojournalism program focuses on the conceptual, handy and aesthetic roles of different streams of photography. 

Foundation of Photography

The understanding of history of camera, structure of camera and lens, camera settings and to work on a DSLR camera

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Fundamental of Photography is the introductory session of the course, first introduced with both camera and photography. The structure of dslr camera and the study on the structure of lens is a major part of this indroductory session. Difference in DSLR camera and the most prominent dslr cameras in the industry. Students are first introduced with both camera and photography.  In fundamental photographic techniques are presented to familiarize the students with digital SLR cameras and their performance. The fundamentals of digital camera and the basic aspects of digital imaging exposure and management. Appropriate submission standards and presentation are emphasized. Students start to learn and manage the photography field as a professionals in photography.

Visual Literacy

Developing the skill of observation, imagination and reading the images

Visual literacy is the study of combining the ability of interpretation and creating meaningful information presented in the form of an image. This session guide students in the field of Photojouralism in understanding the art in photography in terms of both observation and creation. Students write creative story through images from the point of view of subject in a photograph. Students here get a visual learning experience that builds visual literacy skills in each student. Photography in itself is an art form that includes various rules and designing principles. This part of the course enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the images.This session is designed to teach you the fundamentals of interior and architecture photography, photojournalism and documentary photography. You will now be a “reporter with a camera” where your images will be a vital part for telling stories. Students enhance their ability to pre visualize, and will be able to quickly capture influential moments useful for documentary photography, photojournalism and architecture photography.

Study of Lighting

Understanding of lighitng and various lighting techniques

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A study of the characteristics and qualities of photographic light, both natural and artificial, and how they can be manipulated and controlled to communicate an artistic vision. This course is designed to develop understanding and control of lighting and the practical application of various qualities of light in any environment. Situations are studied to understand limitations, advantages, and disadvantages of various lighting environments and methods. Regular photography assignments improves the quality of images and the confidence to face the situations.

Image Editing

Applying the process of retouching, editing and designing the images for different media


Photographs need to be presented well so that it conveys the exact true message that the photographer wanted to inform the viewers through it. Digital image editing is a session where students go through the editing software. Each class session has incorporated with different modes of learning and practicing the techniques of software tools and reflecting it upon the best results. These factors in addition to another curriculum topics and features of camera, students get ready with the final stage of presenting their images. Students discuss and edit their work, interpret the images of the present and past and produce images that effectively communicate the message.


History, theory, art and craft and economics of print media.

Students learn the various ways of communication and its significances. The important features in communication through writing, capturing though photos and videos and reporting. 


The process and challenges of gathering of news and collecting stories; credibility of information and news judgment; the role of news agencies.

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How this course is going to help you?

The career in Photojournalism has wide scope and opportunities. After the course, when one plans to get into this professional field, the knowledge in Photography and videography along with photo and video editing as well as writing and reporting is compulsorily required. The regular assignments, live projects and innovative portfolios, will widely open the opportunities for your future professional career as;

  • Photojournalist
  • Photo & Video Editor
  • Photographer in Media
  • Photojournalist in Newspaper
  • Photojournalist in Magazines
  • The photojournalist in Online media
  • Travel Photojournalist
  • Travel Photographer

This Program will develop your skills and increase your confidence to lead your professional career as travel photography and photojournalist. Emphasized through theory, fieldworks, practical, coffee table books or portfolio, communication skills, exercise & yoga sessions, individual assessment, group works and leadership qualities, job assistance; each student will acquire the encouragement to work hard and excel in this competitive world.

History of Photojournalism

Rewriting; headline writing; page makeup, news reporting and story writing for the print media

History involves in understanding the beginning of photojournalism, World history photojournalism, Indian history of photojournalism, legendary photojournalists and well-noted photojournalism work.

Ethics of Photojournalism and Copyright laws

Photo layout, cropping, sizing and writing outlines.

The do's and don'ts in photojournalism, the responsibilities as a photojournalist, the priorities, the self-point of view or self-values and ethical values of photojournalism, the personal ethics and industrial ethics of photojournalism.

Reporting and Writing

Elements of editorial research and writing for the print media.

The course intends to develop both the communicative and soft skills of the learners thus developing him/her to be more productive at the workplace.  The course follows the task-based, process to product and activity oriented curriculum. Here learning is knowledge construction and learners interact with the study materials, with the teachers and the peer groups and with his surroundings to generate knowledge. The art of writing articles to inform, help solve a problem, persuade about a particular viewpoint or entertain the reader.

Major Forms of Photojournalism 

Significant Photojournalism forms that rule the field of Photojournalism.

Researching the subject matter of and knowing the background of the person to be interviewed; preparing and phrasing the questions; paying attention to the answers etc.

Newspaper and Magazine Design 

Production techniques for tabloid and standard newspaper and magazine design.

Newspaper and Magazine Design


Admission :  First come first serve basis | Seats limited to 10 Seats only

Class Starts : 7th August 2019 | One Year 


Program Fees : Rs. 350000/- (Including Tuition Fees, Food & Accommodation in the campus, Class studyTours, Uniform, GST etc.)

Easy Pay :

  • At the time of Admission (Registration Fees):  Rs.6500/- (Including GST)
  • 1st Semester Payment  :   Rs.1,40,000/- (Including GST)
  • 2nd Semester Payment  :  Rs.1,40,000/- (Including GST)
  • Caution Deposit   :            Rs.5000/-
  • Other Expenses   :            Rs. 65,500/-  (Class study tour, Uniform etc.)

Note: National & International Photography tour costs will be extra.

Global Affiliations

Government approved photography course

Canon Authorized Training Centre

National Education And Research Foundation


  • Minimum 12th pass or fail from any state or central Board


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