Every fruit juice is not costly.

A crucial aspect of food photography is shooting drinks. It can be lucrative and enjoyable, but it can also be quite difficult. It’s difficult to remove the unsightly reflections in the glass, and the ice inevitably melts.

Juice 4 u : Fruit juice can benefit you in various ways.

Krusty kiwi : Keep calm and drink some juice.

Despite these difficulties, you can still take photographs of drinks that look fantastic. All you require is a little bit of trial and error and persistence. Here are some of the best advice for styling and photographing drinks. This common technique for photographing food and beverages essentially entails placing your light source on either one or both sides of the object. 

Great juice : A glass of freshness brought to you.

Svami : We protect you from the scorching heat.

One strobe was utilised, and it was placed on the right side of the coupe glasses in the picture below. In order to help distribute the light across the glasses, I also employed double diffusion (a sizable softbox and a sizable diffuser). To keep the reflections from appearing too harsh, I did this. The reflections may have grown too bright and obtrusive because this is a dark and ominous image. The light was nevertheless kept soft by the double diffusion.In order to create more direct/hard light, I utilised one strobe with the bulb exposed. I placed the light to the back right of the scene in front of a sizable diffuser. This gave me the opportunity to preserve the darker shadows while also softening them slightly. To make the shadows that were cast off the glass longer, I also moved the light a little closer to the subject.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Jinto Abraham , Kottayam , Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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