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    Creative Research in Photography

    Having a deep passion for photography, our Professional Photography students at Creative Hut institute get to know about the importance of camera and scope of photography during their photography study at the institute. This leads them to undergo the photography research on it as per the instructions of their photo mentor and guru. Initially, it’s only a matter of assignment and photo research as part of their photography education. But as it goes on, they realize that it’s the beginning of something new that they are going to discover.

    Significant Role of Research Team

    Innovative Study & Creative Inventions

    Photography is beyond any language, age or place. It is one such media where one can share the knowledge and convey the message in the simplest and easiest form. Here, we encourage our students to think and realize the need to understand photography and know it from its beginning. We believe that Photography is not in just clicking all around. But it is a vast medium where discovering new innovative things and bringing it in front of the world is a great task. We initiate our students with various researches’ that come as a part of their entire Photography learning. This encourages them in creating some modern ways to share the knowledge and to make others aware about photography. Research here has become the inseparable part of Photography learning. The result of the research gets final form as a productive material in this industry.

    World’s First and Biggest Photography Game

    2nd October 2014

    Creative Hut Institute of Photography launched “Fos Paixete”, the Photography Game on 2nd October 2014 created by a group of 14 members consisting the students and faculties of the institute. “Fos Paixete”, the first and biggest Photography Game is first of its kind in the world developed for the awareness of photography field in Game format. It is an element of information and logic, informative and easy to access. Fos Paixete” refers to a Photographic Board Game, size measuring 17.75 feet in length and 14 feet in breadth. The name of the game “Fos Paixete” means “Light Play” which derives from the words in Greek language, “Fos” and “Paixete” that means “Light” and “Play”, respectively. This is what the game is all about, to light ones knowledge about Photography through game.

    Unlike any other game, this game has two motives. First reason behind this game is to bring the awareness of photography and to promote it into this new generation. It will bring the awareness and knowledge of photography to anyone even to a new comer. Our second motive is to prepare a game where they can participate together and cultivate the habit of sharing, togetherness, activeness that has been lacking in today’s new generation. Through this game, we could actively involve them to play together using their skills, intelligence and knowledge. A thought to make education or learning in the most easiest, simplest and interesting form led us to design and attempt for this photography game. This unique photography board game is basically an informative as well as fun game, designed for a wide genre of people.

    The game “Fos Paixete” can be played by a group of maximum five players indoor as well as outdoor. Four of them are the players who are in the race to win while the fifth player is the controller. This game inhered in a rectangular playing board with several boxes from the start to the end of the game features few world famous photographers, various cameras, different lenses, etc… The players move their standees through these boxes as per their shuffled dice imprinted with 1 to 6 arithmetic numbers. Each player shuffles the dice by turn. The game begins when a player shuffles a dice & achieves the number 1. The game continues according the numbers in the shuffled dice & as per the instructions indicated in each box & card. Boxes indicate different information according to which the game continues.

    The game is entangled by few restrictions, like, if a player goes bankrupt in the mid of the play, then he/she is immediately dismissed/ disqualified from the game but can continue if he / she has enough equipments or materials. The instructions and rules on how to play the game are given along with the game. The fifth player who is a controller has complete control on the game. The objective of the game is that a player has to accrue sufficient cash to buy the most expensive camera at the end worth Rupees two lakh. One of the key strategies is to complete the game before the other players through a sequential manner, without being terminated from the game and thus the 1st player to acquire this is declared the winner. Thereafter the game can be still continued with the remaining players competing for the 2nd and 3rd positions.

    One of the defining features of the 17.75 x 14 feet, first and biggest photography Game is its genuine aim to use complete photography terms using traditional board game method such as using rolling dices, moving standees or figures, playing informative cards, playing money and playing it wisely. The smaller size of this game is equally available in the institute and is ready to be used. Thus, “Fos Paixete” is an interesting informative strategic game that can be used as a learning tool for educating students in various photographic schools and institutes, as well as for non-photographic students. Our mission to change the world of photography has got new heights through this unique game called Fos Paixete. This contribution and invention was approved by various organizations and was awarded as the World’s first and biggest photography board game.

    Researching on various aspects of photography, the team members of this game believe that they had a team of talented, determined and hard working members which was driven by their ever encouraging guru Abin Alex. The invention was researched, concept developed and prepared by total 14 members consisting of Creative Hut Faculties Abin Alex, Anu Abin Alex and students Afsal, Ajindas, Arka, Ashish, Basil, Jaijith, Jithu, Jayram, Manikandan, Nithin, Rashid, Shameel. It is the joint effort of these 14 members who researched on the concept for more than two months at Creative Hut Institute of Photography. The team of this research and concept of the first and biggest photography game is certain that it is first of its kind and would definitely increase the understanding of photography among the people whether it’s a child or any adult.

    World's First & Biggest Photography Wheel

    20th September 2014

    The art of photography started years back. The world photography history has a rich heritage of more than 180 years. The aim to bring the awareness of photography in this modern era, the students of Creative Hut Institute of Photography, engaged in learning various aspects of photography in the Institute. As a part of the study, students pursuing professional photography course underwent the research on photography in the guidance of their mentor and director of the institute Abin Alex. This led the group of 14 members (including two faculties and 12 students) to prepare the First and biggest Photography Wheel. The research and concept development that underwent for more than two months was a day & night joint effort of these 14 members. The final output of this was designed in the form of a Photography Wheel. Understanding every aspects of photography from its history to modern technology in a simple innovative that could be understood by any one is the key factor of this photography wheel.

    The continuous encouragement & efforts of the faculties Abin Alex and Anu Abin Alex with their 12 students from 5 different Indian states, terms this Wheel as unique informative wheel. It consists of the information, important years, significant facts related to photography and camera. The wheel is designed in such a way that all these details come under 5 major topics namely Photographs, Camera, Legends, Process and Innovations. This wheel is first of its kind and biggest measuring 7feet in diameter and 9feet tall. The inner wheel measures diameter 5 feet. The information such as the world’s first photograph, world’s First color photograph, World’s first camera, Most expensive camera, Latest used technology used in Photography are few such information included in the Wheel. This first and Biggest Photography Wheel has included the photos & data from Pinhole Camera to Latest DSLR camera, Legends Joseph Neipce to Steve Mccury, Ansel Adams work and contributions, etc…

    The Participants were Abin Alex (Faculty), Anu Abin Alex (Faculty), Afsal, Ajindas, Arka, Ashish, Basil, Jaijith, Jithu, Jayram, Manikandan, Nithin, Rashid, Shamee. Gurukulam approach of learning here in the institute that is studying while staying with their mentor develops the self management, time management, personality gets developed and increases the team spirit among the students. Creative Hut initiates the research part in the learning session which makes this institute to be different from others. This had definitely one of the factors for the making of this first and biggest Photography wheel. Creative hut photography wheel research team intends in promoting photography in the simplest way and hence this research and concept in photography wheel is a charitable contribution in the photography field. The small hand held size of this wheel is also made available and a copy of this will be issued to schools or colleges, etc… wishing to promote photography to the new generation in their institution.

    World’s First Photography History Calendar

    5th February 2014

    When most of us are busy with new modern technologies and lacking the habit of reading books; there are few who realize that knowledge comes through both reading and sharing. Inspired by this, a team of passionate Creative Hut Photography students realized the need to understand photography and know it from its beginning. For this, they have undergone through a research on photography history at Creative Hut institute. They had launched world’s first ever photography calendar based on the history of photography and its timeline. As a part of their research and study these students worked day and night together for making their idea and dreams come true. Their HOD, Abin Alex became inspiration for them in encouraging them all the time for their work and efforts, all through this research. Apart from other calendars, this photography calendar is unique in itself as it tells you the history and the present scenario of photography and camera.

    Today, when photography has become known to one and all, there are much more facts to be still known to everyone. One might know what photography is all about, but do you know when the term ‘photography’ was first launched and by whom? One might know what is camera; but do you know which the first commercial camera was? Which was the first photograph? Which was the first color photograph? And it goes on and on. This world’s first historic photography calendar is designed in such a way that one would get complete knowledge and answers on this history of photography. The names and contributions of well-known photographers are also added to this world’s first photography historic calendar. Apart from other calendars, this photography calendar is unique in itself as it tells you the history and the present scenario of photography and camera.

    Students consider that the backbone for the making and creation of this calendar is the learning environment at the Gurukulam, Creative Hut itself. Knowing photography and design through nature, learning under trees, beside river, on the hillocks and interior studios gives one hands on practice as well as to think and dream beyond the limits. Students not only thank the learning environment here at Creative Hut kerala but also love the bonding among them although they belong to different culture, tradition, ages and language. By the launch of this historic photography calendar they are overwhelmed in becoming a part of history of photography. The Research & Concept was developed by total 8 members namely the faculties Abin Alex, Anu Abin Alex, Isaac Vavachan, Gessal Sebastian, Krishnanunni, Amithkumar K G, Kavisan Konsan and Bhasker Wadhwa.

    Be a Part of Our Research Team

    Any individual can be a part of the research whether you are creative hut students and alumni or an individual or group of individuals not a part of institute. You can apply for being a part of any of our research and contribute your creative ideas and valuable time with the institute research department. One can also become the part of the research by supporting the research team to market its end product in the market or introduce it to the industry. An encouraging word or an appreciation will boost the effort makers to move forward. The contributions of the individuals or a group of individuals can donate any material related to photography and camera, such as books, old cameras, etc… to the institute research session. The financial assistance for the entire research work, the working of the project and for the final product is most welcomed.


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