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Residential Life | The Way of Living

Ancient India had Gurukul system of education adopting traditional residential schools of learning as they reside at their guru’s (mentors) home. Residential life, the first time ever in the world, students of photography gets to stay with the Guru, where students learn to live in a green and friendly environment with no distractions around them.

photography gurukul in india

Students learning while staying here with their mentor provide them an opportunity to optimize their creative minds with practical knowledge and skill-improving strategies to reach a secure bright future.

Accommodation and food might be a problem for all other colleges offering photography. But at Creative hut, provide the hostel and food facilities in the campus for all its students and faculties.

Staying together helps one to cultivate the good quality of understanding, sharing, well discipline, time management and last but not the least enjoys the life with fun and ease.

Your New Home

People from different parts of the world from different walks of life with similar interests come here and stay together. What brings them together is their passion to create the art they love and share their ideas with like-minded individuals.

As they get closer to other students with their own passion, they keep on improve their talents. The kind of unity in diversity they experience in institute life grow by this togetherness which in fact improves their own skills.

Knowing Nature for Better Future.

Whatever we do, we follow nature which in turn makes our learning more interesting. It’s the fact that the seeds we sow today will yield an incredible harvest in our life for the years to come.

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Students staying here farm, water and become a part in the cultivation of various products. Learning through nature makes one more dedicated and self managed.

A Dive to freshness.

Apart from using the facilities provided in the residential area, students often enjoy the dip in the river “Panagam”, beside where the Institute is located.

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The river, flora and fauna found here support the institute’s educational and traditional system.

Caring those Speechless.

The living creatures such as various birds and animals are taken care in the institute and cared by our students. These sometimes become the subject and pose before the camera.

photography gurukul creativehut kerala india

Tasting the Real Life.

Body feels lighter and memory is enhanced because of the fresh air from the surrounding greenery and homily food. For a different life experience, students sometimes get together to prepare the food by themselves in traditional way at institute premises.

Gurukul by nature, we believe that food tastes much better when you enjoy it with the whole family.

Exercise and Yoga

The daily exercise and yoga in the morning session is one of the regular activities of Creative Hut residential life. The day starts here with the exercise or yoga session. It not only keeps the mind and body healthy but also initiate one to think and act wisely the whole day.

Living Together

A good photographer always need to have good observation and awareness about the surroundings. One needs to bring in the quality of accepting others the way they are. And ready to interact and mingle with all so that they can learn and understand different people, cultures, and practices.

hostel rooms in photography college

Creative Hut students learn to live together and build up this inner qualities to understand others and accept them they way they are. And at the same time they learn to involve themselves in the activities with full of life. The campus life and residential life of Creative Hut students both go hand in hand.

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