Rhythmic Structures


Architecture photography is one of the major forms in photography field where the photography needs to capture the beauty of the constructions of the buildings , monuments ,forts and more .

Some established rhythmic frameworks must be adhered to when photographing buildings. Moreover Patterns, forms, lines, rhythm, harmony, and other elements of design are all part of these . Modernist architectural standards were used to convey the architect’s intentions.

Rhythmic structure is one of the important element in architecture . It leads to these end of the contrition with a similarity which give a pleasant look for the viewers . These is a continuity or the similarity in any scene it gives a pleas out look to the eye , not only in architecture but in any way genres in order to maintain the essence of architecture the rules .

beauty-in-monotony-architecture-photography-ebin p j

Beauty in Monotony : People are unified by the monotony of their lives yet all of them hold different realities

monocromatic-magic-architecture-photography-ebin p j

Monochromatic Magic : The finest architectural elements are most evident in their fine lines.

Stacked : Not a chocolate bar but just one of man’s many inventions

the-modern-mountain-architecture-photography-ebin p j

The Modern Mountain : A long range view of high rise buildings across the city

a-maze-architecture-photography-ebin p j

A Maze : Amazing monochromatic featuring perfect symmetry and balance

high-up-above-architecture-photography-ebin p j

High , Up A bove : A low angle view of a building as its symmetrical best

array-of-disarray-architecture-photography-ebin p j

Array of Disarray : Blocks in distorted lines depicting some sort of visual

stay-sharp-architecture-photography-ebin p j

Stay Sharp : Not all ridges are thorns . Some add beauty to one’s creation

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