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Theyyam is a famous ritual form of art that originally came in North Kerala and tells theincredible stories of our state.Art forms are frequently used to recreate Kerala’s great stories. This is where our myths and legends come to life. Theyyam is a popular ritual art form that originated in North Kerala and brings to life our state’s great stories. Theyyam (or Theyyattam) is a popular Kerala dance form. They go by various names, such as Theyyam, Thira, and Kolam, but they are all the same. There are, even so, differences between them.Members of the Avarna community perform Theyyam. The gods, on the other hand, worship the gods. Devotees see God in the pillars that they construct. The gods depicted in Theyyam are not Vedic in nature. They also transform humans into theyyams.

  Departure: In order to recapture the desire

 Beauty :  Beauty is in the heart of the beholder

“Sthanas” are known by many names, such as Kav, Ara, Madam, Mundya, Thanam, and Kottam. The festival of theyyam in these places is called kaliyattam.”Adayaalam kodukkal” is the act of handing over a certain person to transform each theyyakola. The day before the theyyam, the person comes to the spot, disguises himself as a small theyyam and sings thottam pattu along with the chenda. This is called thottam or thidangal. Some theyyams have vellattams. Vellattam is the teenage age of Theyyam. They are close to Theyyam in costume and style.

Calmness: Occupy your mind.

Faith:  Stand straight, walk proud, have a little faith

It strengthens the beliefs of ancient tribes who placed a high value on the worship of heroes and the spirits of their forefathers. Musical instruments such as the chenda, elathalam, kurumkuzhal, and veeku chenda accompany the ceremonial dance.This art form is found in the districts of Kasaragod and Kannur. Theyyam also tells the stories of ancestors, women, and warriors who have died. The most important of these are Moovalamkuzhi Chamundi, Puliyoor Kannan, Muchilottu Bhagwati, Poomaruthan, Vishnumoorthi, and Pottan.”Uriyattukelpikkal” is a dialogue between Theyyam, the God Himself, and his devotees. Theyyam describes each caste by name and gives blessings in a rhythmic language. After Theyyam, Kavus will be closed. Each kavu will look forward to the next season of kaliyattam in order to see their favourite goddess and receive blessings.


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