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Roar Parade


“Roar Parade”  highlights Kerala’s art and culture through  photography, spotlighting the lively Pulikali and  Onam traditions in Thrissur.

“Roar Parade” shows the  photos of Pulikali show in Kerala, the Tiger Dance custom infused with the passion of the Onam celebration. In the colorful atmosphere of the Thrissur Pulikali celebration, where artists transform into beautiful tigers in a dynamic exhibition of tradition and craftsmanship, through vivid pictures. Experience the depths and beauty of Kerala’s Pulikali dance.

puli performing among with the crew

Puli Parade Majestic puli dominates the dance.

in the “Puli Parade,” portrays the spirit of the majestic puli that rules Pulikali, a rhythmic dance in Kerala. This scene, which features the tiger dance performed at the Thrissur Pulikali celebration, captures the passion of the Onam holiday. Within the display of Kerala’s Pulikali festival, the puli’s vibrant hues and dynamic motions create a visual masterpiece. That resonates with the legacy as seen in the roar parade.

police watching and controlling

Policing Pulikali Uniformed watch over festive roar.

This scene is set with “Policing Pulikali,” as police officers in uniform keep a close eye on the joyful uproar. As protectors, these committed police officers keep an eye on the Pulikali festival. They makes sure everything is secure and in order throughout the exciting festivities. Thrissur Pulikali is an iconic festival in Kerala that embodies tradition and security. 

a kid dancing as a puli

Unmasked youth Child exudes youthful dance energy.

“Unmasked Youth” shows a young dancer with a lot of enthusiasm. This child shows youthful excitement among the beats of the famous puli dance in kerala at the Thrissur Pulikali event. This child’s uncontrolled joy lends a dynamic beauty to the colorful show . This Onam festival custom of puli dance develops the energetic essence of Pulikali in Kerala.

Pulikali comes to an end

Together Shine Pulis united, journey towards light.

“Together Shine” portrays the unity of pulis as they journey towards the light during the last moments of Kerala’s Pulikali celebration. When they connect together, they stand for unity and power during the Thrissur Pulikali festival. This moving moment highlights the culture and togetherness of Kerala’s Onam festival tradition by embodying the spirit and tradition of the puli dance.

In conclusion , the “Roar Parade” captures the colorfulness of Pulikali, a custom in Kerala’s cultural history. This series of striking photos captures the spirit and fervor of the Tiger Dance in Kerala,  highlight of the Onam celebration. This photographic journey, which honors the rich legacy and inventiveness of Kerala’s well-known puli dance.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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