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Feel the artistic beauty and cultural significance of Kerala’s energetic traditional folk art with brushstrokes of Pulikali through ‘Roar’.

Discover Kerala’s exciting blend of skill and heritage in “Roar.” See how the traditional dance from Kerala, Puli Kali, is brought to life through the creative painting process. Immerse yourself in the vibrant celebration of this Tiger dance festival, a beloved folk art form of Kerala. Discover the rich tones of Onam Pulikali in Kerala, from the vibrant city of Thrissur.

a painter painting a pulikali performer

In the Making Painter’s canvas, puli unveiling.

An artist carefully paints a Puli Kali performer with the colours bursting onto the dancer. The Puli is halfway through transformation for the traditional dance. The image shows a blend of creativity and culture.

a focused pulikali painter

Concentration  Painter immersed in Puli Kali art

A Pulikali artist paints a puli with concentration, showing the essence of the art of pulikali. Each stroke shows the intricate Pulikali painting process and skills of talented Pulikali artists.

the makeup room of pulikali artists

Puli partners  Puli and painter, a creative collaboration.

Through a window one can see a busy room full of painters and pulis, with a painter and puli stealing the spotlight.

a friend feeding food to the performer

Dance fuel Feeding the freshly painted.

A friend feeds a freshly painted Pulikali performer. It captures the brotherhood among Pulikali artists.

a shy puli standing behind a door

Peek-a-boo  Behind the door, a shy puli.

A shy Pulikali performer is seen in a quiet moment taken amidst the busy preparations. Partially hidden behind a door, he shows a restrained but lively personality. This provides a look into Pulikali’s backstage life.

a pulikali artist waiting for the show to begin

Awaiting Release  Moments before stealing the spotlight.

A Pulikali dancer, all out in bright tiger stripes, hops on the window bars. The puli is eagerly waiting for the festival to begin.

a performer dancing amidst festival

Cultural Delight  The grand show begins.

With the Chanda Mela beat a Pulikali performer enthrals the audience. The streets come alive with brilliant colours and beats as the great show starts.

eye of a performer underneath the mask

Hidden Emotion  Dancer’s eyes reveal passion.

A masked artist bursts into action. His shining eyes hidden under the roar and  mask reflects the excitement and determination of Pulikali artists.

Thrissur PuliKali, a traditional dance, serves as a lens to view the spirit of Kerala’s vivid culture, as presented in “Roar”. It shows the creativity and spirit of Kerala’s traditional dance festivals. Presenting the vibrant Tiger Dance Festival and the rich legacy of Kerala folk art.  Experience the laborious Pulikali painting process and the passionate performances of Pulikali artists.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Architha B and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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