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Rural Wings


Explore rural wings through my lens a collection of unique country bird photos capturing the essence of rustic life and offering unique Birds

Take a visual trip through the eyes of remote bird photographers as “Rural Wings” reveals the wild beauty of avian life in faraway locations. This essay demonstrates the wonderful harmony between nature’s bird wonders and pure rural environment by delving into the fascinating world of birds that survive in remote locations.

Bird"Chirp and chill."

Grey headed swamphen Large marsh bird with red bill, shield, and legs.

Capture the rustic charm of rural birdlife with countryside bird photography. Look for the unique characteristics of this large, unwieldy marsh bird that resembles the Purple Swamphen. Capture the distinctive red bill, frontal shield, and legs of these huge bluish-purple waterbirds in their natural habitat to highlight their attractiveness.

"Feathers and serenity."

Asian openbill Openbill perched on paddy field, graceful and distinctive.

“Explore unique country bird photos capturing the grace of the Asian Openbill, a small stork species with a greyish white body, black wings, and distinctive yellow bill. Discover their habitat in wetlands, fields, and flooded fields, showcasing their floating and rising behaviours. Discover these birds’ beauty in paddy fields.

birds sitting on a branch

Blue tailed Bee Eaters Pair of Blue bee eaters, sitting gently on branch, talking.

“Taking on the soul of our unique country bird, this graceful and lean species charms wide-open spaces.
Whether in flight or perched, its striking appearance is owed to green, blue hues, small mask, rufous throat. Explore distinct viewpoints on rural bird life with fascinating photos.”
See the vibrant Brahminy Kite, a medium-sized raptor, from various angles with eye-catching bird life pictures. Look at its beautiful body in this unique species. Savour the splendour of the natural world with this unique look at avian marvels. Enhance your experience of birding by capturing the spirit of unique and engaging moments.

flying eagle

Brahminy Kite  A graceful Brahminy Kite flies calmly through the heavens.

“Rural Wings paints a beautiful picture of country birdlife, showcasing rare species thriving in serene landscapes. It celebrates the delicate harmony between nature and avian beauty, highlighting the diverse charm of our rural feathered friends.”

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Asiya Sulthana S, Kollam, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners

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