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Rustle Emotions


Rustle Emotions captures candid moments and silent stories in Kolkata’s streets. Every portrait reveals deep feelings and emotions.

A world of silent stories exists in the city streets, where noise frequently rules supreme. “Rustle Emotions” invites you to explore the deep and frequently missed expressions of people’s faces. The portrait photography in Kolkata captures the different emotions, creating the beauty of feelings that are beyond words through some candid portrait photographs.

Life's marks on his front head

Life’s Marks Lines of wisdom tell tales.

“Life’s Marks” conveys the emotion of a seasoned labourer who silently bears the stories carved on his face. and his reflecting a quiet acceptance of his circumstances. These detailed wisdom lines mark the portrait of Kolkata, unravelling the rustle emotions of a lifetime.

Vendor's focus on the street

Vendor’s Focus Old seller tunes into ambiance.

“Vendor’s Focus” points to an old street vendor on the streets of Kolkata. This shows his intense concentration as he listens and responds to the rhythm of the street around him. This expressive expressive street portrait image provides a simple yet beautiful glimpse into the focused presence of individuals and shaping the vibrant street scenes in Kolkata.

Thoughtful sadness in his face

Thoughtful Sadness Lonely contemplation etches sorrow.

In “Thoughtful Sadness” an old man wears a deeply sad expression. He sits with his hand on his chin, lost in thoughts that bring sadness. His grey, unkempt hair and beard and the worn-out clothes reveal his difficult condition. This portrait of emotions vividly portrays the situations of Kolkata.

Wrinkled fear on her expression

Wrinkled Fear Cold weather, anxious thoughts.

“Wrinkled Fear” shows the visible fear on an old lady’s face that also reflects her anxious thoughts. To stay warm in the cold, she wears a woollen hat and robe, facing the challenges of winter on Kolkata streets. These street portraits from Kolkata reveal the challenging circumstances faced by the people of Kolkata.

“Rustle Emotions” unveils the silent emotions of Kolkata Faces through some candid street portraits. Every single one of them has their own surroundings. Everyone has their own stories and emotions to convey. The key is simply to observe and let their stories and surroundings unfold.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Adarsh N S and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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