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Sacred Timelines


Clad in orange robes with a serene pagdi marked by Chandan, the old Sadhu’s unkempt face exudes devotion and embodies enduring wisdom, transcending the passage of time with grace.

From the youthful innocence of children to the knowledge written on the faces of the elderly, our portraits capture a range of humanity within the timeless boundaries of a timeless frame. The constant dance of light reveals each image, creating an array of unique expressions, clothing choices, and skin tones. These portraits, like the sands of time, demonstrate the timeless and sacred beauty that unites us all.

In the peaceful embrace of the evening, aged Sadhu wears a good outfit of orange robes with a beautiful pagdi on his head. His face, formed with the knowledge of age and spiritual loyalty, tells a timeless story and is excellent for portrait photography. The symbol of Chandan on his forehead denotes a life dedicated to meditation and spiritual practices. With the setting of the sun, this deep spiritual presence becomes a mesmerising and peaceful symbol of mastery and the never-ending quest for wisdom.

ageless aura spiritual peace in orange heet gujarat creativehut

Ageless Aura : Spiritual Peace in Orange

An older Sadhu provides blessings to the religious during a calm moment of spirituality. He has long, flowing, curly white hair and a thick white beard. The beaded malas he wears around his neck stand for his dedication to meditation and prayer. His visible tilak on his forehead, which conveys an intense aura of respect and divine grace, represents a life dedicated to spiritual wisdom.

wisdoms touch blessings from aged sadhu heet gujarat creativehut

Wisdom’s Touch : Blessings from Aged Sadhu

A stern Sadhu with an expression of unchanging determination is covered in a carrying blanket to protect him from the icy weather. His life dedicated to strict practices and spiritual discipline can be seen in the stoic confidence he exudes from his face. It is indeed written with the texture of experience.

determineddevotee determined sagha in blanket heet gujarat creativehut

Determined Devotee : Determined Sage in Blanket

I came across a Sikh sadhu in the spiritual atmosphere of Haridwar, by the holy Ganga ghats, dressed in a magnificent blue pagdi (turban), a representation of spiritual authority and its best portrait photography. With the Ganges flowing in the background, he exuded a majestic aura that perfectly captured the deep relationship between faith and sacred waters. His impassive attitude in the middle of the Ganga’s steady flow demonstrated the Sikh faith’s enduring relationship with the holy city and the Ganga’s heavenly flow.

gangas guardin a sikh sadhus serenity heet gujarat creativehut

Ganga’s Guardian : Sikh Sadhu’s Serenity.

An old Sadhu in orange robes and a royal pagdi rest peacefully in the twilight embrace, embodying sacred timelines. Age and spiritual commitment are deeply engraved on his face, which tells a meaningful story. His forehead bears the Chandan emblem, which represents a life dedicated to meditation. His ethereal presence at dusk represents wisdom and mastery, leaving a lasting impression on the calm canvas of spirituality.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Heet Dave , Gujarat Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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