Sunkara Sai Santhosh

Kodur, Andhra Pradesh

Photographer | Cinematographer
Designer | Photo and Video Editor

He appears as a dedicated and ambitious photographer with an unrelenting dedication to his work. His desire to constantly develop his talents, push creative boundaries, and accept the immense potential of visual narrative serves as a guiding light in his pursuit of excellence.

Sunkara Sai Santhosh is a photographer and cinematographer from Kodur, in the state of Andhra Pradesh. His heart is filled with passion for the art of capturing the world's beauty through the lens of his camera, and he hopes to turn this passion into a rewarding job. As he begins on this incredible trip, he learns that the route to becoming a professional photographer and cinematographer is illuminated by creativity. Every interesting location and valuable moment he encounters provides an opportunity for him to create the complex shades of life through his artistry. He is motivated by the desire to establish a career in which his passion for photography and cinematography goes beyond a hobby and becomes a lifelong career.

Having completed a Professional Diploma in the Art of Photography and Cinematography at Creative Hut Institute of Photography, Kerala during the academic year 2019-20, he has sharpened his talents in mastering the technical details and techniques that lead to mesmerising Photography.

His photography is characterized by a constant determination to capture temporary moments, allowing the world to witness the beauty he captures by his camera's lens. He tries to share his artistic creations with the world, bringing to life the beauty he discovers in his surroundings. He has also done a Photography Portfolio titled as “Inspect the Impulse”. With an unyielding spirit, He hopes to build a career in which his passion for photography and cinematography becomes more than an aspiration, but a profound calling, reaching the hearts and minds of everyone who witnesses his visual narrative.



Inspect the Impulse by Sai Santhosh

“Inspect the Impulse” is the book where I have tried to bring different categories of photography with one book. The book is about Experiencing...


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