Sensation And Perception by Vins John


A medium of communication understandable to everyone in the medium of images. It doesn’t demand the perfection of literal languages, proper use of words and vocabularies. Photography is an apt medium to convey the views, as well as bring the awareness of place, people, objects, and situations, etc… Indeed, it has the ability to bring emotions and feelings to the viewers. On the other hand, the portfolio “Sensations and Perceptions” is also the way to store the knowledge for generations to come.

Photography has always inspired me. With this book named “Sensation and Perception”, I had tried to bring forth the power of our senses. The images bring the feeling or the sensation and insight or the perception in and through it.

We all see things differently with our own perspectives. Here, the book is a reflection of what I have seen, felt, understood, and witnessed around. The photographs of Architecture reflect the strength in art. While the Street and Portrait photographs reflect the hardships and their day-to-day lifestyle. While the images of Landscape and Macros tell a different story of what nature has to offer us. Fashion, Food, and Product photographs reflect the needs, requirements, and demands of society. Our vision and power to sense are some of the greater blessings to human beings. The view that one sees and feels would differ in terms of perception from person to person. And that is the whole idea of this book “Sensation and Perception”.

Vins John, Pathanamthitta, Kerala


He has found photography as a powerful language that speaks directly to our emotions. It allows us to tell a story that is hidden. And show others our framing of the world around us. Moreover, it makes impossible moments possible. Thereupon, can be seen in his portfolio “Sensation and Perception”. Furthermore, it’s a never-ending challenge of creativity that has to be enhanced in order to stand out from the crowd. Therefore, for him, photography has the power to change people and scenarios’ right quality in his works. He has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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