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As part of Photojournalism, Here is the photo article made on Emotions and sentiments of human being through Portrait photography.

The word “Emotion”

When we are feeling something, we don’t really stop to define that emotion or think about the exact emotion that we are experiencing. We just feel and go through it; may it be sadness, anger, or happiness. By the same token, human beings, experience a plethora of feelings and emotions in our lifetime that range over several forms and types. This article is an attempt to list down an extensive list of those emotions. The word ’emotion’ encompasses a broad range of feelings, behavior, and changes in the body and mind. Noted professor and psychologist, Robert Plutchik listed the basic or main types of emotions as follows:

• joy • anger • trust • anticipation • fear • sadness • surprise • disgust

These can be classified as primary, secondary, and tertiary emotions. we also experience secondary emotions which are direct reactions of the primary emotions. For instance, a person may feel ashamed or guilty after experiencing the primary emotion of fear or sentiments. Plutchik also stated that humans experienced not only primary and secondary emotions but tertiary emotions as well.

Here are the examples with the candid portrait photographs I have taken.

Thinking: When you think positive, good things happen
Lost: Lost in the smoke
Curious: Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning
Surprised: I just keep surprising myself, I guess
Confused: Now I am confused and don’t know what I want
Angry: Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret
Devotee: With furious eyes

Pranavika MohitePatil, Pune, Maharashtra

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Pranavika Mohitepatil. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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