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Shapes and Styles


“Explore ‘Shapes and Styles’: Fashion and geometry merge in Photoshop, reshaping visual narratives with innovative creativity and design.”

Welcome to “Shapes and Styles,” a fusion of creativity and style where fashion and geometry meet. Using Photoshop graphics, artists well incorporate models into a variety of geometric forms, transforming photos into artistic creations. The showing of fashionable looks and imaginative concepts that combine geometry in  fashion photography.

model inside a graphic rectangle

Pose Perfection Dynamic allure in deep ruby.

In this photo, the model wears a red dress and stands inside a blue geometric rectangle. She draws attention with her steady attitude. This composition, modified in Photoshop, breaks traditional molds by mixing two different styles to create a fresh look in fashion creative concepts. This picture shows the idea of “Pose Perfection,” reconsider the use of imagery in the fashion business.

model inside a graphic octagon

Stylish Symmetry Fashion forward in geometric setting.

The ‘stylish symmetry’, a model standing inside a geometric hexagon. This composition offers an innovative take on current fashion photography trends. It fuses fashionable designs with geometric shapes to produce a wave of contemporary artistic expression. Reflecting the spirit of “Shapes and styles,” 

model inside a graphic triangle

Sleek Design Stylish crop top, geometric backdrop.

A confident model wearing a stylish crop top stands within a graphic triangle in this photo of fashion photography. This picture represents the perfect fusion of modern style and geometric forms, launching a new trend in the industry. It perfectly embodies the spirit of “Sleek Design.

Model standing inside graphic oval

Stylish Portal Modern fashion within an oval frame.

In this photo, the subject stands to the left of an oval shape, wearing a well-made crop top that radiates style and elegance. This photo is an creative mixture of shapes with current fashion, creating a style in the industry. Wrapping the spirit of “Stylish Portal,” it presents the ideal balance of style, originality, and geometric inspiration. It also redefining the genre’s use of visual narrative.

In conclusion, “Shapes and Styles” uses Photoshop techniques to recreate fashion photography. This inspirations with shapes and current trends Every picture reflects originality and Graphic design Trendy styles. It creating new standards for the sector. This series exhibits the ideal fusion of fashionable poses, ingenuity, and geometric inspiration. This will continue to influence artistic fashion photography in the future.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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