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Filmmaking is telling stories. This film will be an important part of your portfolio and serve as a calling card into the industry. Students at Creative Hut make portfolios for cinematography during their curriculum. Different types of shortfilms, documentaries, ads, etc.

Criticising others' work is very easy. Their hard work and dedication need to be understood and motivated by their colleagues. Each student writes the script, storyboards, directs, edits, and shoots their own video.

Silent Woods

An Amateur Thief

The Key Short Film by Athul A

Big Daddy by Ariprasanth E

Lagom Documentary by Roopak R

Repudiate by Ujjwal Raj

Zion by Alwin binu

Ente Masnavi by Athira P B

Nalukettu by Adarsh V

Pratheeksh by Jobin Thomas

Coolgate by Kalpak S.S

Athangudi Tiles by Abiraj M

Untold Lives by Sanal sunny

Interiors by R.N Jaya Sai

Sustainability by Vineeth.M

Preceptor by Vishnu Prakash



Mom’s Maggie by Sweta Ray

Bestcafe by Deepak verma

Nalukettu by Adarsh V


Upabodham by Pranav KK

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