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 Sidewalk Stories


Sidewalk Stories narrates Kolkata’s street and captures the raw essence of urban life in unscripted moments and interesting scenes.

Take the appealing sidewalk stories of Kolkata’s street life, where every mosaic tells a story of strong people living. And not just living, but inspiring lives against the heartbreaking backdrop of the destitute.

people working hard from the early morning

Dawn Hustle Labor’s struggle at dawn, shaping dreams into reality.

Workers stay dedicated all day, connecting with a strong hustle from dawn to dusk. They answer the call of duty in the early morning hours without hesitation. From fields to construction sites, their hands mold a day of hard work and determination.

lady farmerettes bringing her cattle's back to home in the evening

Farmerettes Lady herder guides her cattle through twilight streets with purpose.

With grace, the lady farmerette leads her cattle home as the light fades. She ensures that none are left behind in the approaching night. She transforms into the twilight’s shepherd amid the evening shadows. In other words, she guides her close companions with compassion and toughness.

carpenters making furniture's

Woodcraft Mastery Artists develop wood, shaping it with accuracy and passion.

A committed group of carpenters prepares their craft in the burning light of the sun. Their tireless dedication drives the level of accuracy behind every design. The teamwork of these wood crafting masters blends with the dedication to creating detailed pieces.

kids are being trained to be warriors

Ambitious Warriors Martial compassion, dedicated and disciplined spirit.

Novices in the Gusthi tradition devote themselves to studying this age-old wrestling technique. Dressed in a variety of ways that show their diverse cultures, they receive severe instruction from seasoned instructors.

lady doing cane craft from nearby the roadside

Cane Craft Gently crafting wonders with the cane, a skilled artisan’s touch.

A capable woman weaves delicate cane crafts with constant commitment along a destitute street. Her hands move in a rhythmic dance that results in crafts and an instance of flexibility. Her expert fingers breathe life into the ordinary, bringing beauty even in the face of hardship.

man making arts with clay

Clay Craft Artistry Molding clay into timeless art, fingers crafting beauty.

As the evening calls in, an artist’s hands recognize the emotional magic of the mud on the side of the road. The sculptor shapes with clay craft artistry detailing statues with a dance-like rhythm, giving life to the clay with expert fingers.

The rhythmic dance of hands against hardship transforms ordinary materials into artistic creations. This tells the story of dedication in the face of poverty on Kolkata’s streets with a special beauty.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of  Harikrishnan V K and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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