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Siren of Streets


Experience the vibrant “Siren of Streets” of Kashmir’s sabzi market, for their compassion and charity, where bustling trade meets the warmth of their hospitality.

In addition to its thriving trade, Iqbal Sabzi Mandi also called as Batamaloo Vegetable Mandi. Kashmiris are known for their compassion and charity, and they create a welcome atmosphere at the market. Their sincere smiles and cheerful manner foster a feeling of community, making each visit to the vegetable market more than simply a transaction.

a man delivering chicken

Chicken Delivery Workers unload crates of chickens from a truck.

 In the bustling streets of Iqbal Sabzi Mandi, Kashmir. The beauty of everyday life unfolds in the mundane yet essential tasks. This street portrait captures the rhythm of the Jammu & Kashmir Streets unloading crates of chickens from a truck. There’s a raw beauty in the diligence of the workers. echoing the vibrant pulse of life in the bustling streets of Kashmir.

Chilling of two friends in market

Cart Companions In a rustic urban setting.

 Environmental portrait Photography at Srinagar’s vegetable market reveals the beauty of everyday life. The two people Sit on a rustic cart, their hands interlocked in a show of togetherness. The photograph, set against the backdrop of Jammu and Kashmir’s urban attractions. The spirit of street life, where personal relationships thrive among the energy of the busy market. It Provides a look into the heart and soul of the city streets.

a sitting and waiting for sale

Market Vendorl Waiting for customers in a bustling market.

 Environmental portrait Photography of Kashmir captures the spirit of the the daily life of market in Kashmir. In this image, a market vendor stands among crates of chickens, waiting for clients in Srinagar’s vegetable market. The ambient rush and bustle serve as a backdrop to the vendor’s unspoken eagerness. A camera’s view reveals the beauty of the streets not only in the brilliant colors and explosive energy but also in intimate moments of human connection and endurance despite the everyday rush and bustle of Kashmiri life.

A man polishing shoes in streets

Shoe Fixer A person fixes a shoe.

 The hidden beauty of daily life is revealed through street photography in Kashmir’s busy streets. In the middle of the beautiful chaos, a clip shows a Kashmiri man, carefully mending shoes. This moment perfectly captures the drive and originality of the Kashmiri people against the backdrop of colorful street.

The bustling streets of Iqbal Sabzi Mandi offer more than just a center for trade. They serve as a testament to the kindness and resilience of Kashmir’s residents. Through street portrait photography, the beauty of everyday life unfolds, revealing the heart of the city streets.

Copyright: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of  Sathish Kumar C R and Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Flim. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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