Macro Photography| Insects

Nature belongs to a wide variety of unseen species, half of which are so small that we don’t even realize their presence. These beings, though small play a major role in our lives. Forthwith, they are real protectors of nature with small lives and big actions. Thus, this photo story is a tribute to those magnificent creatures.

Carmine: The more it sees, the less it talks
Croaker: Be hoppy with the dark situations
close-up-photography-insect-longhorn beetle-photomentor
Critter: Follow the path of least resistance
insect-photo-black-and-yellow mud-dauber-photomentor
Life Form: Have a solid outlook
Peeper: Closest inspection of an insect view
Orb: Be light on your feet
Sage Green: Catch a breeze
Tinged: Lead a colorful life
Mousy: Have a clear vision
Extensive: Stay on track

On the whole, small lives and big actions is a blog is about embracing the little lunacy within our perspective. As they are part of our ecosystem, they also have the right to chin-up in our mother earth. Henceforth, try to be rooted with each other as a being.

Photographs by: Jigar D Parmar, Gujarat

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