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Faces Variety


Exploring Kolkata’s unique urban cultures through emotional portrait photography reflects the essence of Faces Veriety.

Step into the lively streets of Kolkata, where urban life connects with rich cultural diversity. Through the lens of character portrait photography. Explore into the intricate variety of emotions, capturing the essence of ‘Faces Variety’ with each emotional facial expression portrayed. Smiling observer portraits in Kolkata captures the spirit of the moment by highlighting the man’s positive mood in the middle of the busy market. His mesmerising look perfectly captures the energy and intrigue of the early-morning action in the well-known flower market in Kolkata.

Joyful Face

Blooming Joy A joyous observer.

In the active bustle of a flower market, a stern-faced man engages in intense observation of his workers. Every step was examined closely and every action had significant weight. This close examination catches the spirit of commitment and attention to detail. Evident in the carefully planned rhythm of the morning routines.

Suervision Man

Focused Supervision Stern boss monitors labourers.

In emotional facial expressions photography, capturing human connection is crucial. His wife speaks volumes. These moments that the essence of human connections and feelings is clearly portrayed. Resonating deeply with viewers.

Angry Face

 Watchful eyes  Man’s eye speaks volumes.

In ageing gracefully photography, the face becomes a canvas of narratives etched in wrinkles . Each line a testament to durability and knowledge. Through careful capture, it illuminates the beauty of time’s passage, celebrating the dignity and depth inherent in ageing faces. It invites reflection on life happily and highlights the beauty of time’s passage through thorough capturing. Highlighting the depth and dignity found in ageing faces.

Old Man

Age’s Insight Time’s marks on his face speak volumes.

In the weaving of Kolkata’s urban life. Character portrait photography unveils the intricat threads of diversity integrated through emotional facial expressions and human connections. From busy markets to serene streets, each face tells a unique story. Enriching the narrative of “Faces Variety” that defines this dynamic cityscape.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Asiya Sulthana S, Kollam, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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