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“Some of the winged splendors of Indian skies”

In All Their Glory: Birds

The photography of birds is highly intriguing. Each bird boasts a distinct color pallet, making their environment a bright canvas painted with a wide variety of hues. These avian creatures come in a variety of sizes and have graceful, lovely shapes. You’re in for a visual treat when you point your lens at them.


Black Headed Gull : Posing to the camera during flight


Little Egret : A common bird from egret family which depends upon fishes and other water animals

Life’s Dance

A talented photographer is able to take still photographs that tell a variety of fascinating tales about the lives of these amazing creatures. Each action they perform, from the time they take off to the times they rest on a limb, tells a fascinating story. They move with a grace and fluidity that is nothing short of remarkable.

Great Egret : A common sea bird with long neck and yellow beak


Great Heron : Long necked sea bird, commonly found in the banks of the water bodies

A World of Discovery

A thrilling new realm of adventure can be discovered through bird photography. It gives us a unique view into their habitat, behavior, and interactions while allowing us to dive into the complex lives they lead. These photographic expeditions produced outcomes that are nothing short of amazing.


Squacco Heron : In search of the food in the hot and sunny mid-day

The Art of Flying

Wonders with feathers are genuinely blessed. They have the incredible gift of flight thanks to their wings, which they use to rule the skies. A bird flying across the sky displays a striking contrast between strength and grace.


Little Black Cormorant : Taking a glance around the surroundings in the backwaters in Kumarakom


Snake Bird : An aquatic bird which we can find near waters

Capturing the Beauty of Nature

By taking pictures of these wonderful creatures, we capture the utmost in beauty and grace. Every photograph is an artistic creation because to the birds’ vivid colors, exquisite forms, and beautiful wing sweeps. You may permanently capture these beautiful details in time with each camera click.


Indian Roller : A Common migrant which you can find in every part of India

Yellow Oriole : An Indian bird which depends on small insects

Amazing Bird Journeys

Some bird species fly through the sky in absolutely amazing excursions, remaining in the air for months at a time. Their fortitude and the innate knowledge that directs them are demonstrated by these amazing migrations. They travel across continents, precisely navigating great distances.

Common Kingfisher : Common species of kingfisher which we can be found more abundantly in India

Common Myna : Indian bird with diverse eyebrows

The Amazing Communication of Birds

Birds can mimic human speech and communicate through a range of vocalizations, which is an amazing talent. Their lovely songs and rhythmic melodies offer an appealing soundtrack to nature’s symphony as they reverberate across the woods. It serves as a reminder of the complex environment they live in.

Red-Whiskered Bulbul : a bird from the family of Bulbul depends on grains and insects

The Sorrowful Fate of Caged Birds

Regrettably, many of these majestic creatures are born free but end up behind bars, confined to cages. They deserve to be released from their captivity, to once again roam the boundless skies, savor wild fruits, and build nests in the embrace of nature. Caged, they are denied their natural instincts and the opportunity to raise offspring in the wild.


Flame Backed Woodpecker : Species of woodpecker with a red flamed type texture on its head

Heart Spotted Woodpecker : A bird from the family of woodpecker with spotted pattern on his body

Freedom’s Call and Wild Encounters

We must understand that keeping these lovely species in prison is unfair to those who admire them. Instead, we ought to try to take pictures of them in their natural environment to get their actual essence and observe their instinctive behavior. They may display their incredible abilities in the outdoors without being constrained by cages.

Blue Winged Parakeet : Common bird which can be found all over India

Jungle Babbler : A common migrant which are usually seen in groups

Magpie -Robin : Common bird with ball shape body

Let’s fight for these birds’ freedom and back campaigns that encourage their release into the wild in the name of protecting their beauty and dignity. Only in this way can their brilliant colors, enchanting voices, and the profound sense of awe they infuse in our natural world be appreciated in full.

Oriental Magpie-Robin : Common bird from the family of robin with white color belly

Rufous Treepie : A common bird from the family of crows with a unique voice

Marsh Tern : A common sea bird which depends on the fishes and other small water animals

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Sachu K N ,Kumarakom , Kerala  Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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