Spiritual Path – Kerala


When you travel you get to see so many different things. As part of travel photography, here our author has some architectural images of beautiful Kerala.

God’s Own Country – Kerala

Yes, the name God’s Own Country suits the small state, Kerala. Rich with its variety in the diversity of the religions that exist here. This state also creates a great example to all other states and other places around the world, as to how a secular state should be. Rich with the distribution of churches, temples mosques and so many other religious monuments, this state has a proud culture and tradition.

Although the deities, the way of worship, beliefs differ in a lot of ways the unity among the people here is exemplary. One can even spot out the similarities in the carvings and sculptures on these architectural marvels. A journey through the spiritual road of Kerala is one that no one will ever forget in their lifetime. The way each and every one of us believes may be different but one should always remember we all believe in the one God.

Here are some photographs of Temple, Church and Mosques of Kerala.

Nandi: Chirakkadav Sree Mahadeva Kshetram
Cross: Saint Dominic’s Cathedral Church
Vavaru Mosque: Only religious monument in the world where both Hindu and Muslims worship together
ST. Mark: Symbol of a lion holding a bible
Thrichambalam: Made of metal while some are carved out of stones
St. John’s Anglican Church: One of the doors to heaven
Church: First one to be erected in the Malabar region
St. Antony’s Pilgrim Church: A pond hewn out of chenkal meaning red stone

Prajul CK, Thalaserry, Kerala, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Prajul CK. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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