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Pulikali, Kerala’s  folk art, showcase viewers with splendours through lively displays the   exhibitions that merge tradition and modernity

Look into the fascinating world of Pulikali, Kerala’s traditional folk art, where vibrant colours and dynamic performances unfold. From youth’s innocence to tradition’s embrace, Pulikali showcases dispersed splendour in modern times.

Artist preparing for pulikali

Brushstrokes of Tradition  Individual stories merge in colors.

Pulikali is the work of three people: two embrace creative change, and the self assured hero wears the Pulikali design with pride. Though physically connected, they create a mosaic of Pulikali heritage with their different poses.

children's playing with the painted puli

Childhood Allegories   Innocence accusing the tiger.

Curious, three children sit in a row. One makes gestures that blend fantasy and reality, pointing at the man wearing PuliKaI makeup. Their purity tells a charming tale of wonder and discovery. The scene is filled with the splendours of childhood, where every moment is magical and full of adventure.

pulikali artist waiting for the paint to dry

Sunlit Duets  Morning ritual, paints drying together.

On the left, two individuals wearing Pulikali makeup are drying bright paint in the early morning light. The vibrant display brings Kerala’s traditional folk art to life, showing the complex motifs. The early light highlights the depth of their common heritage in this brief but captivating moment of cultural immersion and connection.

Pulikali artist waiting for for the Sunrays to dry off the paint

Golden Roar  Brushed by the morning sun.

A Pulikali artist stands in the early light, his body brightly painted like a tiger.The sun highlights the subtle details An inclined stick creates mystery. As the sun warms the scene, tradition, light, and the pulikali performer’s presence combine to create a visual symphony.

Beginning of the Pulikali dance

Dance Synchrony Dance synergy within the frame.

A  Pulikali dance captures the essence of the Puli with grace, showcasing vivid colors and precise movements. As a collective expression of cultural richness, the ancient art form is brought to life by the explosive movements of each dancer, matching the rhythmic intensity.

Pulikali artist starring at the police

Stare Down  Puli protectors, police oversee crowd.

Two Puli Kali actors, keeping a close eye on a police officer, are protecting a child. It represents a fusion of authority and culture . The officer continues to be watchful, showing a special collaboration with cultural heritage. A shared glance shows respect for and also showcases the peaceful coexistence of modern safety and tradition.

Unity and tradition are embodied in Pulikali, a vibrant expression of Kerala’s cultural heritage. The portrayal of the timeless essence of community, connecting past and present with colourful allure and mutual respect, is evident in everything from playful curiosity to the vigorous dance and symbolic protection.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of Vishnu S Girish and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners

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