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Stall Spectacle


Through street photography that shows market scenes and moments  of stalls in visual stories “Stall spectacle” shows Kolkata’s street life.

“Stall spectacle,” a photo collection that shows Kolkata’s street scenes. This chapter presents an array of storytelling photos that shows the daily lives that happen in the streets shops of Kolkata. “Stall spectacle” portrays the personality of Kolkata’s urban setting,this series shows the tales inside its streets.

a busy scene in Kolkata street

Local Lifestyle Shopkeeper’s calm, street’s vibrant pulse.

The shopkeeper in this street photo, “Local Lifestyle,” stands in contrast to the rush of Kolkata’s streets. This scene depicts daily life in the city through narrative photos, highlighting that the shopkeeper’s calm mood shines out among the busy bustle. Showcasing the urban life, this image offers a look into the various livelihoods and energy of Kolkata’s streets.

two people drinking tea

Tea Together Parallel sips, foreigners embrace Kolkata’s charm.

The scene in “Tea Together” shows two foreigners enjoying a cup of tea at a small store and uniting over a moment of company in the tea shop in Kolkata. The same tea drink represents their acceptance of Kolkata’s  culture and unity. This photo highlights street scenes and the variety of people in Kolkata. It highlights the beauty and cultural diversity of Kolkata’s Culture.

father and daughter in the shop

Determined Dream Family’s struggle, daughter’s academic ambition.

This photo from Kolkata’s streets, “Determined Dream,” tells a tale of a store owner’s hard work to feed his family. His daughter’s focus on her studies while helping her father. This symbolizes her academic desire in hardship. The spirit of photojournalism in Kolkata street scene is reflected in this  street photography.

contrasting scenes in front of shop

Plenty, Scarcity Food abundance, hunger disparity outside.

“Plenty, Scarcity” contrasts the many colorful foods inside a shop with the brutal reality of hunger outside. The image shows a homeless guy eating his one and only meal of the day, illustrating the gap between food shortage and assets. The street photography of Kolkata portrays the livelihoods of its people and shows photojournalism in capturing the reality of urban life.

The concluding, “Stall spectacle,” depicts alleyways and marketplaces, capturing Kolkata’s street life. It captures the vitality, way of life, and cultural diversity of the city through visuals. The lively stories encourage people to fully immerse themselves and take in the spirit of Kolkata’s streets. The detail of “Stall spectacle” captures the stories of the urban setting.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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