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 Stone Chronicles


Discover Hanamkonda Temple’s timeless allure through architectural photography, revealing its pillars, history, and spirituality in ‘Stone Chronicles.

Discover Stone Chronicles, an architectural photography series that shows the pillars of Telangana’s Hanamkonda temple and their ageless beauty. With Eternal, listen to timeless echoes. In a stone Embrace while age-old stories come to life. “Perpetual” reveals ancient chronicles etched in durable stone, telling the story of Warangal’s rich past. The grandeur of the temple is depicted in “Graceful Pillars,” as convergent columns hug the celestial presence. “Divine Duality” displays two idols dancing in unison, a timeless dance that depicts a silent stone connection. Take in the historical grandeur of a temple with a thousand pillars and its stone statues, which perfectly capture the spirit of the past.


Eternal Ancient echoes in stone embrace.

Take a deep dive into the fascinating realm of architectural photography by perusing Stone Chronicles. Discover the everlasting beauty of the pillars at Telangana’s Hanamkonda temple, as seen in the movie “Eternal,” which captures the echo of the past in a stone hug.


Perpetual Historical chronicles set in stone.

“Perpetual” reveals historical accounts carved into durable stone, telling the story of this architectural wonder’s rich past. Through the “Stone Chronicles” lens, this series vividly recreates the grandeur and historical significance of Hanamkonda temple.


Graceful Pillars Converging pillars embrace the heavenly presence.

Discover the magical Stone Chronicles, where the “Graceful Pillars” highlight the divine embrace of convergent columns in the historical context of Warangal.


Divine Duality Dual idols, silent stone communion.

“Divine Duality” covers the silent union of two idols, each of which echoes this ancient place’s vast past. “Stone Chronicles” tells the engrossing tale of Warangal’s rich past through these pictures. Which also Feature the 1000-pillar. Temple and stone figures.

Explore the Stone Chronicles, unveiling the timeless allure of Hanamkonda Temple’s pillars through architectural photography. From the enchanting “Eternal,” echoing ancient whispers in stone, to the revealing “Perpetual,” narrating Warangal’s historical chronicles, and the majestic “Graceful Pillars,” embracing the divine, each frame encapsulates the temple’s grandeur. “Divine Duality” adds a timeless dance to the narrative, depicting the silent communion of dual idols. Immerse yourself in the rich past of Warangal through this series, where stone statues and the 1000-pillar temple echo tales of a bygone era.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Daranagar.Devika Bai and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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