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Strasbourg Cathedral


Cathedral of Our Lady of Strasbourgs

The Strasbourg Cathedral, also known simply as the Cathedral of Strasbourg, is a Roman Catholic church in the French region of Alsace. The cathedral’s construction began in 1176 in the Romanesque style and was completely transformed in 1225 when it adopted the Gothic Architectural style

The large walls, arches, pillars, barrel vaults, enormous towers, and complex arcading of a Romanesque building set it apart from other mediaeval European styles. Each building has clearly defined forms,frequently of very regular ,symmetrical plan . Just the choir and north transept of Strasbourg Cathedral are Romanesque, while the rest is Gothic

strasbourg-cathedral-architecture-photography-alan jose

Strasbourg Cathedral : This cathedral is known as one of the most beautiful gothic cathedrals in Europe

Gothic Architecture Style

Gothic architecture style flourished in Europe from 12th century till 16th century. These are building characterized by echoing spaces with the expanse of walls broken up by draped tracery. The earlier gothic cathedrals are built in four levels ,from the floor to the roof. The ground floor has two rows grand arcades with large pillars,which sustain the weight of the vaults of the ceiling. Above these were the tribunes, a section of small arches. On the top level ,just below the vaults ,were the upper windows , the main source of light supported by massive buttresses placed directly up against them, with pinnacles on top which provided additional weight.


View from outside : We can see hundreds of sculptures

gothic-area-architecture-photography-alan jose

Oaths of Strasbourg : The cathedral connects German and French cultural influences

Architecture beauty of Strasbourg Cathedral

The 142 meter high cathedral ,supported by the 132 meter high spine and the 10 meter high towers was the tallest cathedral in the world till 1874. The Cathedral itself measures 66 meters in height . There are three doors to the church One big and the other two comparatively small.The big door contains an arc completely decorated by figures and towers which represents the passion of Christ. The rose window placed just above this arc is the biggest gothic rose window in Europe . The gallery of the Apostles standing in little arcs,placed at the center  of the cathedral just above the rose window

gothic-era-architecture-photography-alan jose

Gothic Era : The west front decorated with thousands of figures

the-vault-of-strasbourg-architecture-photography-alan jose

The vault of Strasbourg : We can find so many striking monuments there

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