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Street Life


Go on a visual journey of Kolkata streets through “Street Life” that captures various tales and moments of everyday life on the streets.

Explore the heart of Kolkata’s vibrant streets with “Street Life,” where every image captures a story in time from ordinary life. Experience the varied texture of the city’s people, from quiet moments by graffiti to the lively Mullick Ghat flower market. Discover the contrasts and tales revealed in these everyday settings through the lens of Kolkata street photography. It also provides a look into the dynamic Daily life captured in Kolkata streets and street photography in India. 

a man sitting on an empty street before graffiti

Sunlit Solitude  Sunset joy on silent streets.

A man sits among graffiti in a calm empty street, smiling in the golden warmth of the setting sun. This peaceful scene was caught in one of the street scenes from Kolkata. Kolkata is famous for its busy streets. Yet this image captures the quiet atmosphere of the city.

a man walking through flower shops

Floral Walk  Through flowers, man’s market journey.

A guy walks along the colourful street in the early morning at the Mullick Ghat flower market lined with flower shops. The scene perfectly captures street culture and traditions in Kolkata. The vibrant energy, fusing the city’s energy with the scent of blooms. 

a woman thinking and a man reading newspaper

Contrasts  Two stories, one frame.

A man reading a newspaper in the centre of Kolkata, contrasting by a closed store shutter with a thoughtful beggar woman. This captures both sides of everyday life. This lively scenario tell stories from Kolkata streets’ diversity.

barber shop by a street sidewalk

Sidewalk Shave  Street style beard art in progress.

A temporary barbershop set up in front of a closed store shutter, in the middle of Kolkata’s busy streets. The barber expertly cuts a customer’s beard as the reflected mirror portrays the essence of street life in Kolkata, blending the local way of life with the traditional street scene. These scenes help explore the people and places of Kolkata. 

The scenes in “Street Life” capture the Street life in Kolkata. On a quiet street, a man sits amid graffiti, enjoying the warm warmth of the setting sun. There’s a bustling flower market in Mullick Ghat early in the morning. Here, the excitement of the city combines with the aroma of flowers. Such authentic Kolkata Street photos show the essence of the city.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Architha B and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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