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       Striped Spirits


“Striped Spirits” reveals the essence of artistic souls through colourful songs that masterfully blend the lines and colours of imagination.

Experience a deep dive into Pulikali’s colourful universe with “Striped Spirits.” At this traditional celebration in Kerala, people dress like beautiful tigers and turn the streets into vibrant canvases. In this piece, I examine Pulikali’s dynamic motions, striking colors, and steady beats.. It explores the mythology and artistic passion that give these striped monsters their life, resulting in a dance that is unique in spirit and intensity.

clippingspirits initial process of being a tiger in pulikali

Clipping Spirits The sun rises, predators are ready to scream out a roar.

Pulikali’s facelift stage has a realistic transition when the sun rises. Grooming participants assume the form of imperial tigers. They unleash colourful spirits onto Kerala’s streets with every stroke, preparing people for the artistry that lies ahead. This symbolic deed sets the tone for Pulikali photography voyage, as each brushstroke adds life to the vibrant spectacle.

feastinghues painted tiger is eating food in between pulikali makeup part

Feasting Hues Fulfil one’s artistic soul with ecstasy’s first supper.

A printed tiger in Pulikali photographs stops for breakfast in colourful spirits, the artist enjoying.This blend of joy and artistry illustrates the spirit of the festival. Pulikali photographs are normally taken by artists, but in this one, a painted participant enjoys local food, signifying and bonding.

duodynamics incomplete painting works of tigers in pulikali

Duo Dynamics Tigers Reveal Artistic Harmony in Partial Painting.

A space that pulses with several stages of painted tigers in Pulikali’s rush. During colourful tigers dance noise, two half painted tigers fascinate travellers. With their brushstrokes, the artists transform the room into a living canvas, revealing breathtaking, partially painted tigers. In a symphony of hues, spectators delight in Pulikali magic.

artristyapex an artist is concentrated his art form pulikali

Artistry Apex Pistachios establish the supremacy in the colorful artistic drama of Pulikali.

Pulikali magic ends with a powerful green tiger, signifying its life force. The vivid green colours draw attention to themselves and capture the spirit of the occasion. The festival’s enthusiasm is captured by the backdrop’s partially painted tigers, which provide depth. Artists in the cultural festival become attractive topics by fusing Kerala’s cultural heritage, artistic expression, and tradition through cheerful festivity.

In the grand climax of Pulikali images, Colourful tigers dance to the beat of the city, transforming the metropolis into a living picture. Every dancer adds to a symphony of joyful festivity, wrapping the spirit of the celebration. Pulikali photography dance transforms the city into a happy prism while honouring Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. Pulikali Images, Covered in Striped Spirits, capture the Cheerful Festivity.


All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Anandu V and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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