Photography in itself is an art form that includes various rules and design principles. Our professional photography course enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept, and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the images.

Their final Portfolio is the collection of all the works that each student has performed in the categories of photography and videography. These cover different categories of photography such as nature and wildlife photography, fashion photography, product & studio photography, landscape and architecture photography, portrait, and street photography. Creative Hut wants to provide our students with a platform to showcase their photography works worldwide.

Sherylism by Sheryl Denton

The idea behind a brand book is that a the brand book is the keystone of a branding strategy. It contains all the elements...

Skotádi Fotós by Renjith S Pillai

How each of us perceive and interpret a picture depends on the harmony of light and shadow in every snapshot. The poem “Skotádi fotós,”...

Interiors by R.N Jaya Sai

Gautam and Anusha are a married couple, they recently built a home in which they want to change the interiors, but Anusha wants the...

Pictorial Passage by Mrinal Bhushan

The portfolio "Pictorial Passage" is the project prepared with different genres of photography. For instance Landscape, Macro, Portrait & Street, Abstract, Birds, Architecture, Art...

Elegance by Pranav KK

Elegance is the quality of being graceful. The color that symbolizes elegance perfectly is the color brown. Hence the color theme of this book...

Fabe by R.N. Jaya Sai

Photography keeps memories alive and prosperous because it freezes a scene that lasts forever. A medium that allows us to cherish the moments ever...

FX Shoot by Abdul Kadar Fayid P

A brand book can also be called a brand bible, a brand style guide or a brand guide, among other similar terms. Essentially, it’s...

Zion a interior Videography by Alwin Binu

Whether you're shooting a short film or covering an event, these videography ideas will help you capture footage that appears more professional.

Radiant Verve by Adarsh.V

A picture is worth a thousand words. Moments are captured and communicated much more successfully with a camera than they ever could do with...

Creamy Desserts

In my entire life, I haven't met a person yet who hates creamy desserts . Though desserts are rich in fats and sugar, they...


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