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Photography in itself is an art form that includes various rules and design principles. Our professional photography course enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept, and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the images.

Their final Portfolio is the collection of all the works that each student has performed in the categories of photography and videography. These cover different categories of photography such as nature and wildlife photography, fashion photography, product & studio photography, landscape and architecture photography, portrait, and street photography. Creative Hut wants to provide our students with a platform to showcase their photography works worldwide.

Script Of വികൃതി

Script Of Short Film Called "Vikrithi" The screenplay for this was shot at Creative Hut College. Directed By Aparna R & DOP By Arshad...

Silent Woods

Silent Woods is the story of three friends, written and directed by Tejas and team-guided. Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. In the depths...

Script Of Silent Woods

Script of our Short Film called “Silent Woods”. The screenplay of the Short Film is shot in aruvikkuzhi waterfall and forests near aruvikkuzhi waterfall....

An Amateur Thief

This is the film and story of an amateur thief, written and directed by Heet and team-guided. Creative Hut Institute of Photography and Film. Pavan...

Elephant Dilemma

Balancing cherished traditions with modern ethics, ensuring cultural heritage and animal welfare coexist harmoniously through Elephant Dilemma Welcome to Kerala, often called the land of...

Artventure By Arshad C B

Artventure captures the diverse experiences of city life, from exploring markets and fashion to luxury cars and historical sites. It celebrates the vibrancy and...

St. George’s Feast

On April 20, 2024, the serene village of Mattakkara in Kottayam came alive with fervent devotion and vibrant festivities for the St. George's Feast...

DJI RS 4 Gimbal Review

Introducing the new DJI RS 4 gimbal, the most advanced and futuristic gimbal with a quick-release vertical mount. The world of videography and photography is...

Essence of Light

Journey through India's nature and wildlife Stories of beauty and spirituality unfold in the essence of light, inviting exploration. Enter the area where the beauty...


Take a voyage into the “Elysium” of photography, where emotions come to life, moments freeze in time, and flaws reveal unexpected beauty. Photography feels like...


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