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    Best Creative Photography Works

    Days and nights of students’ hard work, their involvement in their favorite subjects of photography and cinematography, lead them to provide these wonderful and appreciable works. These are some of the photography works, cinematography works, and students’ portfolios during their course of study in the Creative Hut Institute. Calling these works as their best works is surely irrelevant as the best is yet to come. Instead, it is their initial steps to the vast world of Media and Mass Communication. We wish all our students turned alumni; the senior members of the Creative Hut family very best wishes to explore much higher in their professional works.




    Exhibiting the Innovative & Creative Works


    student portfolio ideas

    Photography in itself is an art form that includes various rules and design principles. Our professional photography course enhances student’s ability to frame as per the relative objects, concept and designing elements in bringing out the real art in the images. Their final Portfolio is the collection of all the works that each student has performed in the categories of photography and videography. These cover different categories of photography such as nature and wildlife photography, fashion photography, product & studio photography, landscape and architecture photography, portrait and street photography. An exclusive website creativehuts.com is initiated by Creative Hut to provide our students with a platform to showcase their photography works worldwide. Visit the link to know more.




      Open the Door to your new Photography CareER

      Professional Diploma in Art of Photography

      The right choice to build your future career in Photography. One year exclusive professional photography course with many specializations.