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Expression through emotions are other languages of human kind


Surging Emotions: The Unspoken Dialect of Humanity, Emotions are the Language of the Heart

Emotions act as an additional language in a world of speech, writing, and symbols. Our deepest emotions, thoughts, and experiences are expressed through the wordless words that we use. However, there are times when conventional methods fail to adequately express the complexity of human emotions. Thankfully, a higher force has bestowed upon us a special gift, the gift of faces. The world can see our emotions as they are painted on our faces in all of their varied expressions.

Bent down : Begging is the last hope to hold on to life

The Expressive Power of Faces

Faces, unlike other forms of communication, have a remarkable ability to convey the intricate tapestry of human emotions. They are our windows to the soul, offering an unfiltered glimpse into our mental and emotional states. With every smile, furrowed brow, or teary eye, faces reveal our joys, loves, excitement, and the sheer delight that resides in our minds. They’re a gift that can light up a room, spreading positivity and warmth.

silent weeping-portrait-photography-geevarghese

Silent weeping : Devotion is the best remedy to recover the hope


Dropped off dreams : Memories of the flourished past can sometimes file the empty stomach

This gift does contain a certain amount of sadness, though. Faces can convey joy and love, but they can also reveal the deepest tragedies, worries, and fears that weigh on a person’s heart. When we are depressed, anxious, or panicked, our faces turn into mirrors that reflect our emotional turmoil. For those who are willing to listen, they tell tales of hopelessness and uneasiness, frequently in silence.


Faces as Emotion Mirrors

In a world where every village, town, and city harbors its own unique emotions, faces play a pivotal role in portraying the collective sentiment of their residents. The expressions etched upon the faces of a community can mirror its shared experiences, joys, and struggles. A close examination of the faces within a village can reveal the unspoken stories of the people who call it home.


Curious Smile : Age has no boundary for happiness

broken- vision- of- eyes-portrait-photography-geevarghese

Broken vision of eyes : Disappointment is the barrier which stuck the smile

Puri: A Journey Through Expressions: Capturing Emotions

My most recent trip to Puri was an emotional awakening. The city, which is on India’s east coast, is home to a wealth of emotions shown on the faces of its inhabitants. I felt a wide variety of feelings, from the frantic streets to the tranquil beaches. The Bay of Bengal’s salty breeze seems to convey the whispers of countless tales inscribed on the inhabitants of Puri.

I saw the ardent displays of devotion at the Jagannath Temple as the sun fell below the horizon. The fervent believers’ faces shone with unshakeable faith and spiritual rapture, bearing witness to their deeply held convictions.

flashback -of-fairytale-portrait-photography-geevarghese

Flashback of fairytale : Behind every man there is a strong mother with huge patience

transmission -of-women-portrait-photography-geevarghese

Transmission of woman : Girls always grow up from body-tears to a courage mother

I saw the pure joy of youngsters constructing sandcastles and the serenity reflected in the expressions of individuals doing meditation by the water on the immaculate beaches. The tourists to Puri seemed to have a relaxing impact from the ocean’s splendor.

The crowded markets in the center of the city told stories of daily life, adversity, and tenacity. Faces coated in sweat and grit gave a picture of a hardworking neighborhood engaged in everyday struggles with unshakeable fortitude.

burning -beauty-portrait-photography-geevarghese

Burning Beauty : Deepest flame of the sun can make my face dull but my mind will get so excited by that flame


Eyes with fire : Staring back at the stranger is the first level of defense

The magnificent sunsets over the water were reflected in people’s faces in the evenings, creating a symphony of hues and feelings. The sense of awe that nature’s majesty frequently inspires was echoed by faces bathed in the golden tones of the setting sun.


Innoncence blowing face : Those thirty-two jasmine buds are luxury for a cutest smile


Faint glimpses of sight : Hunger can make you cry without tears


Faces are the most effective means of expressing emotions in human communication. They are our silent storytellers, skillfully expressing the heart’s language. Faces can convey joy and grief, certainty and uncertainty, resiliency and fragility. My trip to Puri served as a witness to how expressive faces can be, capturing the wide range of emotions that make up the human condition. Indeed, emotions are a universal language that cuts across boundaries and cultural barriers and enables deep human connection.

memories -stunning-face-portrait-photography-geevarghese

Memories stunning face : Sometimes eyes can g back to old days


Borrowed Happiness : Its hard to smile through hardships

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Geevarghese Joseph , Pathanamthitta, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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