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Sweet Desserts


Sweet desserts frequently use cane sugar, palm sugar, brown sugar, honey, or syrups such molasses, maple syrup, treacle, or corn syrup. The dinner concludes with dessert. The main draw of this course is the sweets. Spices and extracts flavour desserts. Salt and acids complement sweets’ flavours. Coffee-flavored pastries include soufflé and biscuits. Dessert photography is a still life photography method used to capture images of dessert.


Red velvet cookies and cupcake

Backed with love: Red velvet cookies and cupcake

Many sweets also have the natural sweetness of fruits and dry fruits in addition to sugar and fat. Additionally, sweet desserts have the ability to reduce tension. Desserts can encompass a wide range of foods, including but not limited to biscuits, cakes, cookies, custards, gelatins, ice creams, pastries, pies, puddings, macaroons, tarts, soups, and fruit salads. Recipes for confections typically call for naturally sweet fruit. Some civilizations turn savoury foods into sweets.

Lushed with strawberry cream

Strawberry delight : Lushed with strawberry cream

Some desserts are healthy too

Sweet and healthy: Some desserts are healthy too.

Periodicals, recipes, packaging, menus, and advertisements all make use of images from the commercial photography category of desserts. Food photography is frequently and occasionally controversially used in advertising to exaggerate the appearance or size of the offered dish, especially fast food.

Creamy,crunchy and fruity

Red Fantasy: Creamy, crunchy and fruity

Flying donuts and cup cakes

Luscious balloons: Flying donuts and cup cakes

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