Switzerland , the alluring land of mountains and lakes..

“Landscape photography is one of the purest forms of capturing the nature around us . In general these landscapes includes water bodies such as river,lake ,sea etc. Comparatively , landscapes of Switzerland are more vivid and unique. Surrounded by the natural fresh water sources and the mountains as well as the climate made this country more majestic and beautiful.”

Switzerland the landlocked country in the heart of western Europe amazes anyone with its majestic diversity of landscape from valleys ,hills, glaciers ,lakes,rivers till beautiful villages and cities. The small country that occupies only 0.4 present of the Europe holds 6 percent of its fresh water reserves. Well known for the Alps; the highest and vast range of mountains that lie wholly in Europe contributes around 60 percent of the country’s landscape . The water in rivers and lakes are so fresh,you can drink it directly.

Landscapes photographs

Switzerland has its varied experience to offer in every season . The summer offers a lot of exciting outdoor including bungee jumping,paragliding to different kinds of hiking escapade. I No wonder why this country of mountains has over 60000 km of signposted hiking trails. However , if you are not someone who doesn’t like hiking or cannot do it for health reasons, you can still enjoy the green matand crystal clear lake view from top of the mountain climbing up through various means like Cogwheel train or cable car.

Soon comes winter when snow hits the mountains and the lively summer grounds turn into top winter destinations . Skiing is the most common winter sport in Switzerland. The ice cold mornings doesn’t hold them from staying back home ,instead they wait for snow and go on winter holidays. The snow covered mountain tops are refreshing and blissfully beautiful.

Rhine river , one of the major river in Europe ,originates in Swiss Alps as a small stream gathers it’s volume while it reaches lake Constance. Later flows over the Rhine falls in Schaffhausen, the largest water fall in Europe and continues its ways to North sea through the industrial town of Basel in Switzerland . It’s a varied experience to offer.

view-from-the-cave-landscape-photography-alan jose

View from the Cave : Reflection of nature’s beauty

cruise-land-landscape-photography-alan jose

Cruise lands : The place where the cruise ships are anchored

scenic-view-landscape-photography-alan jose

Scenic view : Famous tourist gliding location,Switzerland

uniqueness-of-nature-landscape-photography-alan jose

Uniqueness of nature : The conventional flow of the river

The cycle estate : The park where people go for cycling

mount-titilis-landscape-photography-alan jose

Mount Titlis : Finest tourist location

picturesque-landscape-photography-alan jose

Picturesque : View from the heart of the village

eye-catching-twilight-landscape-photography-alan jose

Eye catching twilight : Farm land in the dust light

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