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Sylvan Waterscape


Serene landscapes merge lush forests and water, capturing nature’s symphony in enchanting frames of peaceful harmony.

Sylvan waterscape offers breathtaking views of Cheruthoni dam’s watery landscapes. Calm waters reflect the celestial canvas beneath a wide blue clouded sky, producing a calm and beautiful azure reflection. These images taken from Cheruthoni Dam are given a floating quality by the sunlight’s play as it filters through the cloud cover.

beautiful landscape of river and mountains

Coastal Charms Nature’s whispers, framed in pixels, tell tales of timeless beauty.

The gorgeous scene captured by the lens features a calm river meandering between two hills covered in forest. The calming blue colour of the water reflects the sunlight off its surface, giving it a mirrored appearance. A canvas of blue-clouded sky overhead completes the pleasant scene.

Starting the journey through the river

Pre Journey Hush Inhale. Exhale. Begin the adventure that awaits.

The boat prepared to leave as the river sparkled with a mysterious radiance, nestled between sunlit hills and magical forests. The water reflected the sun’s golden accept with excitement, casting a mesmerising haze. Before the journey began, the location, encircled by the appealing charm of hills and forests, offered a calm and beautiful break—a silent moment of beauty in nature’s secret heaven.

journey through the river

In Midstream With challenges, the journey finds its rhythm and beauty.

The boat was all set to go, and as it glided down in the calm blue river, the excitement of the mid-trip continued. Capturing the essence of excitement against the serene backdrop of the calm waters and enchanting surroundings, the scene was ideal for boat journey photography as the appealing mystery of the dark forest enveloped it.

c curve composition in river

The C-Curve River’s graceful curve, nature’s artistry in fluid motion.

As it meanders through the lush embrace of the forest, the river forms a lovely C-curve in nature. The river’s path vanishes from sight beyond this lovely bend, luring the interested traveller with its seductive mystery. The spectacle of nature unfolds, calling for investigation and awakening the senses to the mysteries that lie beyond the charming bend.

Sylvan Hills recognise rivers as storytellers in the charming waterscape of Idukki, telling rhythmic tales with each downstream journey. Hills serve as silent witnesses to the stories told by the meandering currents as nature’s poetic narrative comes to life. This is a beautiful opportunity for landscape photography in Idukki to capture the enduring bond between hills and flowing waters.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are the copyright of  Harikrishnan V K and Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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