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Tales of Innocence


Children’s Portraiture: Evoking True and Organic Feelings

Odisha: Embracing Culture and Natural Beauty

Children’s photographs reveal the real and unforced expressions of the young people, presenting an honest image of their feelings and personalities.


Glimpse of surprise : Being surprised of camera eye

Sincere Expressions in the Portraits of Children

Authenticity and natural expressions are the main objectives while painting portraits of youngsters. In contrast to contrived or fake grins, the real value is in the innocence and purity that youngsters possess by nature. Their actual identities are embodied by their faces, which radiate honesty, enthusiasm, and a lack of pretension. These images provide parents with a priceless remembrance of their children and celebrate the pure beauty of childhood.


Childhood Bliss : Period of laughter without lies

Odisha: A Sanctuary of Culture and Nature

Formerly known as Orissa, Odisha is a state in eastern India that lies tucked away along the picturesque Bay of Bengal coast. This state is well-known for its rich and varied tribal culture, and its capital, Bhubaneswar, is home to numerous historic and revered Hindu temples.


Seriously : Get out and don’t come in front of me

Accepting Rural Living in Parbatipur

Tucked away in the state of Odisha, Parbatipur village is dotted around Chilika Lake, which is a famous breeding ground for a variety of bird species in India. This settlement, however modest in size, welcomes a large community. The people, who are known for their warmth and open-mindedness, exemplify sincerity and affection; this is particularly evident in the charming ways that the children express themselves.


Indolent face : From the village of Prapathipur , Odisha

Way of Life and Cultural Practices

The way of life of the people who live in Odisha’s villages reflects their rich cultural heritage. Their main source of income is fishing, even though many of them lack formal education. On the other hand, some locals move to the neighboring districts in search of better chances for employment and education for their kids.


Glance of Depression : Her heart was overflown with sadness

In essence, the genuineness and simplicity of existence are reflected in the pictures of children, and the villages of Odisha provide a window into a world of honest expressions and cultural beauty.


Eyes of Curiosity : His eyes were filled with wonder

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Govind Raj , Ernakulam , Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography .Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.

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