Temptation by Ajoy Joseph


Creativity gives birth to creation. The discovery of certain things is from creativity like that of atoms, gravity, and all the ground-breaking inventions. People who dare to think out of the box have questions and reasons for every aspect they observe in their life. It is easy to follow the herd what takes real courage is to stand out. However, there have been different platforms that showcase uniqueness and talent. Among these numerous platforms, photography is one such field that requires dedication, consistency, and patience to bring out the hidden talent in front of people. Just like my portfolio “Temptation”.

Yes, the camera can be a creative tool. It holds the power to transform minds and leave people dumbstruck only with the help of one click. Some photographers have created history through their photographs. But did they achieve this in a day? No, never. It took them years, months, days, and hours of practice to get their photographs groomed up. So as to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience.

Considering this powerful medium of creation, I am presenting before the fellow readers and audience my portfolio “Temptation”. The temptation is an infinite trap that pulls everyone towards it. We humans being the superior living beings have the highest level of temptation of all the creatures. Moreover, the temptation for food, clothes, cars, luxury, lifestyle, gadgets, etc. is a never-ending list. Noone in the universe can resist temptation. Even the holy bible narrates the tale of temptation. Just like Adam and Eve, who were lured into the trap by the demon. Altogether, there is always an urge behind every action and one can’t let it go unnoticed.

The theme for this book is ‘seduction’. The chapters include in this book are the most common elements which lure people towards them. So as to tempt the audience according to their needs. Furthermore, there is always a beginning for something even an emotion. Similar way the beginning of the arousal for temptation too starts with small gestures, desires, and action. Hence, the beginning of temptation and the real urge towards a particular subject has been balanced in the book.

The book will be interesting for the audience because they can relate their emotions with these photographs. They will find a common desire within this book which they can’t resist. This is how marketing works. So as to lure the audience into the vicious trap and never let them leave it. Henceforth, this trick is used to tempt their clients by marketers. How temptation works in reality and how people subconsciously get attracted to the trap forever are portrayed in this portfolio.

Ajoy Joseph, Ernakulam, Kerala

Photography for him is a different realm. This field opened doors for him which he didn’t even imagine. It was like an escape through reality and reliving the memories which have inspired him. Therefore, photography helped him to develop his own identity where he can communicate with millions through his photographs. He strongly believes that “Photography should be a medium to communicate and portray the art with creativity and dedication before the public”. By the same token, introduced his portfolio “Temptation”. Capturing a good frame requires a huge amount of dedication and love towards your work. Comparatively, for him, this platform is the most ideal one where he can portray his true abilities. Furthermore, he has completed his Professional Diploma in Art of photography from Creative hut Institute of Photography, Kerala, India.

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