Eating is a universal experience and our common base .

When faced with delicious food , one can’t resist tempting appetizer

Food is available in different forms but in common, it has the ability to unite people

Food is what people and animals eats to survive and it is mostly produce by farmers. Some people refuse to eat flesh of animals of birds . One of issues that affects food is weather . Due to bad weather , the production of wheat and vegetables may dwindle down.

It’s frequently believed that a person’s personality and temperament are influenced by the food they eat . Some people believe that non vegetarians tend to be rough and aggressive , whereas the pure vegetarians seem to be mild and considerable .The main focus of still pictures in the category of photography known as “food photography” is food . Subcategory of commercial photography, product photography sees subsequent use in advertising campaigns, publications, and more . Tempting appetizer shows wonderful food photographs..

pyramid-of-biscuits-food-photography-arjun a raj

Pyramid of Biscuits : One can’t resist a temptation , when faced with a heap of sweets

the-king-of-burgers-food-photography-arjun a raj

The king of burgers : A burger can make anyone lick his lips

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