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Terra Tales


“Terra tales” showing their historical and cultural significance in Kolkata’s architectural heritage through architecture photography.

“Terra tales,” is a photo collection of Bishnupur’s architectural wonders in Kolkata. This series highlights the history of Terracotta temples, from the  photo of the majesty of Ras Manchas temple to the specifics of Lalji Temple and the  Gate Gordorja. The historical relevance of Bishnupur’s architectural temples in Kolkata can seen through these photos.                                                          

Rasmancha in Bishnupur

Ras Mancha Bishnupur’s terracotta architectural masterpiece.

Taking the essence of Bishnupur’s architectural glory, “Ras Mancha” transports viewers to Kolkata’s architectural heritage. This image shows the intricate terracotta details of Ras Mancha, one of Bishnupur’s iconic temples. Discover the history and significance of Bishnupur’s terracotta temples in Kolkata through architecture photography in “Terra tales.”

Gate Gordorja in Kolkata

Gate Gordorja Gordorja Gate. Bishnupur’s historical entryway.

In “Gate Gordorja” conveys the vitality of Kolkata’s architectural legacy. This image displays the Gordorja gate, Bishnupur’s important ancient entrances. The imagery and caption draw attention to the  terracotta pattern and architectural impressiveness of this gate, which reflects  photographs of the architectural significance and cultural legacy of Bishnupur’s temples. 

shyam rai temple in Kolkata

Shyam-Rai Temple Majestic pancha ratna Shyam rai temple.

Hidden away amongst Bishnupur’s architectural treasures is the magnificence of the “Shyam-Rai Temple.” This architectural work of art provides a window into the history of the temple architecture of Bishnupur. The Pancha Ratna Shyam Rai Temple’s features and cultural importance are beautifully displayed, allowing tourists to discover the domain of “Terra tales.”

Lajit temple in Bishnupur

Lalji Temple Divine serenity Lalji temple’s majesty.

“Lalji Temple” employs architectural photography to express the spirit of the temples in Bishnupur. This masterwork of terracotta radiates heavenly calm, luring people into its calm atmosphere. The title and image capture Bishnupur’s architectural legacy while showing the Lalji Temple’s features and significance. Terra Tales reveals the stories concealed in the temple architecture of Bishnupur.

In conclusion, “Terra tales” gives a visual tour through the masterpieces of architecture of Kolkata’s Bishnupur. This collection presents Bishnupur’s  terracotta temples ,highlighting its beauty, cultural connection, and history through stunning photographs and interesting tales.

Copyrights: All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Harikrishnan V, Alappuzha, KeralaCreative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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