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Gateway Triad


Gateway Triad showcases Bishnupur temple’s terracotta architecture, highlighting the mesmerising triple arch design in this historical masterpiece.

Enjoy a journey around the gorgeous Gateway Triad and experience the spirit of the Radhashyam, Lalji, and Shyamaray temples through breathtaking photos. Explore the religious beauty and details, immersing yourself in the spiritual energy of these architectural marvels. The Gateway Triad, Bishnupur temple’s triple arch, and terracotta temple architecture showcase cultural richness, heritage, and artistic brilliance.

Temle Entrence

Shyam Rai Temple  Intricate terracotta details, forbidden entry into divine love.

Explore the amazing Bishnupur temple architecture at the Shyam Rai Temple with its beautiful triple-arched entrance photography. Enjoy the beautiful terracotta details on all four sides, showing Ras Chakra and lovely love-making scenes of Radha-Krishna. Lalji Temple, described by its triple-arched entrances and lavish stucco design, stands on a square raised pedestal adorned with low relief designs.

Lalaji Temple

Lalaji Temple   Terracotta masterpiece in simplicity.

The temple’s unique features include purely and floral arches, creating a capturing visual show. The Lalji Temple, defined by its triple arched sides, stands on a square raised base adorned with floral stucco design and low relief carvings. Capture the essence of this terracotta marvel through Lalji Temple photography, focusing on its building details and complex designs.

Triple Arched Entrence

Triple-Arched Splendour   Lalji Temple’s captivating terracotta beauty.

The Radhashyam Temple in Bishnupur displays gorgeous terracotta architecture. Its facing south design features a curved roof and a single tower atop a square structure. Enclosed within a walled premise with an unique gateway. The temple’s triple arches are adorned with superb terracottaart, mostly floral.

Shyamurai Temple

 Radhashyam Temple  Intricate triple-arched entrance.

The amazing  Gateway Triad shows the essence of cultural heritage. Its profound connection with the Bishnupur shrines triple arch and ornate terracotta architecture forms a in balance narrative. Showcasing artistic genius and spiritual significance that truly defines the cultural wealth of this architectural marvel.

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Asiya Sulthana S, Kollam, Kerala Creative Hut Institute of Photography. Their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.  

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