Texture of Thanjavur Temple


As part of travel photography, here our author has made a photo story comprising beautiful architectural photographs of Thanjavur temple.

Brihadeshwara temple is enough to explain the beauty of Thanjavur. The structure of this temple is strongly made up of old stones. Furthermore, lots of paintings on the wall of the big temple explain many things about the kingdom of Raja Chola. A day is not enough to feel the beauty.

India is a virtuous country.

People of various religions live here. When we come to the Hindu religion, people believe in God and they are lost in the devotion to God. They often go to the temple for worship. Whenever I plan to visit a temple or spend some time in the temple, the first thought that comes in my mind is the old structure of temples made by big-2 rocks. Earlier Rajas used to make all the temples like this.

Tamil Nadu is a state in South India that has a large number of temples. The old structure of the temple is made of rocks that attract people along with it. When we come to Tamil Nadu, we have lots of options to explore temples. Nowadays we have less time and people want to utilize those times for enjoyment. So, the Brihadishvara temple is a perfect place to explore and know about the culture of this temple.

Seraphic: An imposing entrance that is exposing the beauty of big temple which is situated at last but seems to have a three dimension appearance
House: A wide view of Natrajam temple
Shrine: The Natrajam Mandapam
Divine Trail: The temple of tenacity
Trinity: A great combination of trio
Arcade: The converging corridor
Temple of Nandi Bull Statue: Temple in holiness
Gatekeeper: A single stone Nandi bull statue
Bliss: Addictive beauty

A day is really not enough to explore the beauty of this temple. Forthwith, I finished my journey of this chapter by taking a wonderful frame of a lady seated on the corridor and looking straight at the temple which was adding beauty. It was a new and wonderful experience.

Mrinal Bhushan, Banka, Bihar, India

All the photos and text in this post are copyright of Mrinal Bhushan. Thereupon, their reproduction, full or part, is forbidden without the explicit approval of the rightful owners.


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