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Texture is an important element in art . It simply gives the feeling of roughness or smoothness of the surface .

It is present everywhere in the nature . From the softest flower to the roughest trunk of the tree . Even in animals we can see the it . Each and every animal is distinguished by size and textures of the skin . One definition of composition is the means by which surface depth is captured . Depending on the context, it could be soft or hard . Photographs that use textures provide visual interest, draw attention to interesting patterns, and can even trigger feelings. There is a great deal of crossover between texture photography and other genres of photography, such as fine art and traditional portraiture. With macro photography, composition is just as crucial.

tiger-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Tiger : Black striped pattern in orange fur

Sambar deer : Golden brown for without any pattern

cat-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Cat : Uneven black and white patterned fur

sambar-deer-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Sambar deer : Golden brown fur without any pattern

indian-elephant-wildlife-photography-bharathi murugan

Indian Elephant : Rough textured skin without fur

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